Limmatblick Hotel Zurich: ultimately disappointing

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After our excursion to Jungfrau, we boarded the train to go back to Zurich. We were flying back to Madrid the next day. We arrived in Zurich just before sunset, but fortunately, our hotel, the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich, was located near the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (central station) in Zurich.

Location of the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich

One of the best features of the Limmatblick Hotel is its location. It is located opposite the Limmat River in Zurich and within walking distance from the main shopping area and the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station).

When I booked this hotel, I was excited. The location meant not having to take a tram anywhere, but that we could explore the old historic buildings in central Zurich on foot. I remembered my walks from my previous trip to Zurich and was looking forward to repeating the experience.

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The reception area of the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich

The reception area of the Limmatblick Hotel is located in the restaurant area downstairs. We were a bit confused when we first arrived – the sign outside was located on the second floor of the building and indicated that the hotel was there, but the eating area and bar made us feel unsure of how to get to the second floor. We could not see where else the reception area could be and asked at the bar counter.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - Hotel entrance

Lucky for us the barman was also the receptionist for the hotel. He was friendly, handed our keys to us and we quickly sorted out the paperwork.

From here we had to use the elevator to get to our floor. There is only one lift for the hotel and it was tiny. The two of us with our luggage (hand luggage only) barely fit.

On the walls of the elevator had newspaper articles and advertisements of events happening in the area. I thought this was a nice touch as it was the perfect place for such advertisements – everyone staying at the hotel would probably use the elevator.

Our room at the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich

Our room was named after Augusto Giacometti, a Swiss painter. I think all the rooms had names of Swiss painters.

We struggled to unlock our room door. Just before we could give up and go back to the receptionist, the door opened. We were not sure what exactly worked, but we were happy to finally be able to rest.

The room was small. It featured a double bed, flatscreen television mounted on the wall and a small round table right at the entrance.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - bedroom from the door

The room appeared modern and comfortable.

The bathroom was also small and consisted of a shower, toilet, and basin.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - bathroom

When I booked the website, everyone was recommending the hotel because of its views of the river. We did not have a river view, but a view of the residences and restaurants behind the hotel. I didn’t mind, it made me feel good to know I was in the heart of Zurich.

Our night at the Limmatblick Hotel

We decided to get ready for bed and have a quiet night watching television.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - the view from our room

We both showered. The shower stall was small. My travel partner is a very lean guy and he had difficulty getting in the shower and closing the door. I struggled even more. Once inside, the water pressure and temperature were excellent.

Then we wanted to relax and watch television. The television did not work. We thought of complaining but decided to watch Netflix on the iPad instead. At least we had no issues with the wifi, and the speed was good.

It was summer and our room felt stuffy and hot. We looked around for the button to turn the air conditioner on but soon realized there was no air conditioning. We had experienced this before in Switzerland, but in such a compact room airconditioning is essential. There was a fan, but it was noisy and since there was only one plug point, we could not charge our mobile phones and use the fan simultaneously.

We decided to open the window for some fresh air. Once opened, the room cooled down significantly.

The bed was comfortable, but we soon realized that we would not be getting much sleep. Opposite the hotel, there was a restaurant and inside a party was happening. The patrons of the restaurant were having a good time and were singing loudly. It did not look like they would stop too soon.

And they didn’t. Eventually around 23:00 it did become quiet, and we were finally able to sleep. It started raining, so we had to close the window (and the fresh air from it). We had no choice but to use the fan throughout the night.

Breakfast at the Hotel Limmatblick Zurich

We were tired the next morning. The bed had been comfortable, but the fan was not strong enough to cool the room down enough for us to have a good rest.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - Breakfast spread
The breakfast spread at the Hotel Limmatblick Zurich

We went down for our complimentary breakfast. The breakfast did not disappoint. There were cold meats, croissants, cheeses, and yogurt. They also offered coffee and juices.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich - Interesting decor in the restaurant area
Hotel Limmatblick Zurich – Interesting decor in the restaurant area

The decor in the restaurant area was quirky and unusual. It gave us something to study while eating.

The food was filling and the coffee refreshing.

On another visit to Zurich, I stayed at the Leoneck Hotel Zurich. Read my review of the Leoneck Hotel or book a night there!

Our final verdict on the Hotel Limmatblick Zurich

We loved the location of the hotel, but not having air conditioning was a definite negative for us. The television not working was not a serious concern for us, but for other guests, it may be. Also, the lack of more than one plug point was a serious deficiency as travelers usually have so many devices that need to be charged. We think the shower’s size is too small for most people.

Hotel Limmatblick Zurich

We cannot fault the hotel on cleanliness and the neatness of the room. The breakfast was satisfying enough, considering that it was complimentary.

Would we stay a the Hotel Limmatblick Zurich again? Unlikely. The previous time I visited Zurich, I stayed at the Leoneck Hotel, and although the location was not as perfect and central, it wins by far when it comes to comfort.

Have you been to Zurich? Where did you stay? What do you look for when booking hotel accommodation?

13 thoughts on “Limmatblick Hotel Zurich: ultimately disappointing”

  1. In the depths of winter it’s hard to think about how summer heat can be unbearable. Shame about the negatives as the positives to the hotel sound pretty good. I think the noise would do it for me though.

  2. Love how you honestly reviewed the Limmatblick Hotel in Zurich. I find it really interesting what bothers some travelers and not other. The solo plug may have bothered me if I hadnt brought my multi plug extender so I can see why that is bothersome. I guess unless I was really tired, the noise wouldnt have bothered me at all cause I live in New Orleans next to a major tourist area so I am kind of used to it. I think the lack of ac would have bothered Darcee though.
    Oh well, I am glad it did have some bonuses and perks.

  3. Thanks for your honest review. I am one that needs air conditioning or at least a decent fan to sleep. The power plugs would be an issue for us too. However the location does sound nice and maybe not a bad stay for a short visit.

  4. Definitely would not be enough outlets, especially for our entire family. But at least the breakfast with croissants, cheeses, and meats looks good!

  5. Sorry to hear the negatives kind of overshadowed the positives. Thanks for this honest review. Helps travelers with the planning!

  6. I think honesty is important otherwise people will never know what it really is like staying somewhere!

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