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Whenever I plan a trip, my focus is on making the most of my limited time there at the most reasonable cost. The resources I recommend here are resources that I have used before. If you are planning your next trip, use these resources to book your trip for the best experience!


Book your trip: Flights

Flights can be one of the most expensive items of any trip. I try to always save as much money on the cost of my flights as possible without taking the longest flights I can find. Although I don’t mind a long layover during the day, I don’t like long layover over night as I cannot explore the layover city at all. In booking flights, I usually check these sites out first. Once I find a flight I like the cost and duration of, I may have a look at the specific airline’s website to see if they offer the same deal. I prefer booking with the airlines themselves if the price is similar as with another site because any flight changes are easier since you can deal with them directly.

I always check Skyscanner and Momondo first. Their search facilities are great and they cover most airlines. I also try Google Flights and Kayak.

Once, for a trip to Washington, I found a superb price for flights on Expedia that I could not get for the same price anywhere else.


Book your trip: Accommodation

Accommodation is another costly item for any trip. There are many choices when it comes to accommodation options when you book your trip!

I have booked most of my accommodation with Booking.Com. They have a range of hotels, bed and breakfasts and even self-catering options in most towns and cities around the world. Their prices are reasonable and their customer service is wonderfully responsive. They also have a genius loyalty program if you book through them often.

Resources for booking your trip - accommodation
Our AirBnB in Wilderness, South Africa. Totally off-the -grid

I always compare the places and prices I find on with and Agoda. Tripadvisor is useful in this process since they aggregate results from all these sites.

I often book through AirBnB as I enjoy having a place with a kitchen and, where possible, a washer. I also enjoy feeling like I am living like a local.


Book your trip: Travel insurance

For travel insurance, World Nomads is the best. They may not always be the cheapest, but their service is excellent.


Multiple day tours

Although I have taken none of their tours, friends and family have recommended the tours offered by the following companies:

Resources for booking your trip - day tours - Malacca in Malaysia
Loved our guided day trip to Malacca in Malaysia

Day tours

Once I get to my destination, I love booking shorter tours using Get your guide. Here is an example of some tours they offer. Definitely consider them when you book your trip!

Book your trip: Guide books

I love Lonely Planet’s guide books. I used them to plan my trips for Zermatt, Jungfraujoch and my layovers in Madrid. They provide real value for money, especially when they have their 3-for-2 sale!

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