Uetliberg Mountain: Zurich’s home mountain

I woke up feeling refreshed and looking forward to another day of sightseeing. When I arrived at the Zürich HB and asked for tickets to go to Felsenegg, the ticketing guy informed me that Felsenegg is serviced once a month on the first Monday of the month, which happened to be that day. I was disappointed. In my pre-trip planning, Felsenegg was a must-see. After seeing my disappointment, he suggested that I visit Uetliberg mountain Zurich. Since I had no other plans for the day, I decided to follow his advice.

Uetliberg Mountain Zurich

Getting to Uetliberg Mountain Zurich

The train ride took about 30 minutes. At first we went past residential areas, but eventually, it became more rural with some beautiful scenery.

Scenery from the train on the way to Uetliberg Mountain Zurich

Going to the top of Uetliberg Mountain Zurich

When we arrived, I was a bit lost as the area looked like a forest with no signs of where to go. I then decided just to follow the other people who got off the train.

It was an uphill walk all the way, but it was beautiful and green everywhere.

When faced with such an uphill walk, it is always nice to look back and see how far you have come!

Looking back on my progress - Uetliberg

Along the way, I discovered that there is a hiking trail in the area. It is called the Path of the Planets or Planetenweg. If I had more time, I would have loved to do the hike.

Planetenweg at Uetliberg

I also saw a “planet” next to the footpath.

Planet on the Planetenweg on Uetliberg

The view from the footpath was stunning and motivated me to go on.

View while walking to the top of Uetliberg

When I saw this sign, I knew I was almost there!

The sign to Uetliberg

The lampposts along the way were unique!

Cute streetlamp on the way to Uetliberg

The top of Uetliberg Mountain Zurich

And finally, I was there! I had reached Uto Kulm, the top of Uetliberg Mountain. The view of Zurich from the top was amazing and worth the climb!

View from Uetliberg

When I turned to the other side, I could see the small village I had seen earlier, but the view was much better from the top.

View of a small village from the top of Uetliberg

I could even see snow-capped mountains in the distance!

While I was standing there, I had a friend join me…. He allowed me to pet him and kept on following me.

Furry friend at Uetliberg

On Uetliberg there is a tower. I thought it would be possible to go up the tower, even though I don’t know if I would have, but it was locked. Lucky! If it were open, I would have felt compelled to go up!

Tower on Uetliberg

I also admired the plants – They were gorgeous and bright green!

Beautiful plants on top of Uetliberg

There is also a hotel and restaurant on the top.

Hotel and restaurant at Uetliberg

I spent about 30 minutes on the top and then it was time to walk down again. I was feeling happy and pleased with myself for making the journey. On the way down I saw more beautiful trees…

I was very lucky; I just reached the bottom of the path when the train came. During weekdays the train stops at Uetliberg every 30 minutes and every 20 minutes on weekends.

I had been disappointed about not being able to go to Felsenegg, but Uetliberg had been worth it!

Have you been up Uetliberg Mountain Zurich? What about Felsenegg? Which one did you like best?

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