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When we booked our flights to go to Switzerland for me to attend a work event, we discovered, to our great delight, that we could get very reasonable flights via Madrid, Spain. Neither of us has been to Madrid before, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to spend a few hours exploring the city during our layover in Madrid.

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How long was our layover in Madrid?

We had a 7-hour layover going there and again coming back. Going there, the layover started early in the morning until late afternoon, while the layover coming back began in the late afternoon until about midnight.

Layover in Madrid

Our top things to do during a layover in Madrid

Since we had two layovers in Madrid, we will share our top picks from each one. One can easily combine them, depending on the length of a layover.

Highlights from our first layover in Madrid

Our first layover in Madrid started very early as we landed just after 6:00 in the morning. Since we did not have to fetch our luggage, we were on the train from the Madrid-Barajas Airport to Madrid’s city just after 7:00.

Taking the train from the Airport to Madrid is very convenient and does not take that long. It took us 40 minutes to get to the station we wanted. Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong station (Opera Station) and only realized this when we could not find what we were looking for outside the station. Lucky, we could walk to where we wanted to be.

Taking a walk outside so early was lovely. The roads were quiet except for cleaning crews everywhere.

We decided to go for Churros Con Chocolate for breakfast. According to Lonely Planet’s Madrid guide, it was the one dish anyone going to Spain for the first time should try and there was also one particular place to have it.

We managed to get lost on the way there, and then suddenly we found ourselves in front of Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is a beautiful square in the middle of Madrid’s city center. The square is apparently used for events such as bullfights. Lucky we did not have to endure this!

In the middle of the square or plaza is a statue of King Phillips III on his horse.

Layover in Madrid - King Phillips III

On the sides of the Plaza are many restaurants and a tourist office. The decorations of the municipal and cultural building are beautiful.  It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen and worth getting lost for!

Layover in Madrid - Plaza Mayor Layover in Madrid - detail Plaza Mayor

Since nothing here was open, we decided to see if we could find the best place to have Churros Con Chocolate. We ended up at Puerta Del Sol and asked for directions.

Chocolateria de San Gines

We did not have far to walk from Puerta Del Sol before we reached the Chocolateria de San Gines. Even though it was still early in the morning, there was a queue outside the entrance. We were not the only people having such a decadent breakfast!

The Chocolateria has menus in a variety of languages on the wall. We each ordered the standard Churros Con Chocolate. We were lucky when someone just left, and we could sit in the main seating area. The place was packed, as people finished and left, newcomers sat down.

Layover in Madrid - Churros Con Chocolate

The Churros Con Chocolate portion was quite large. Each of us had the cup of chocolate and six churros! And they were not little ones!

The churros reminded me of deep-fried donuts. Dipping them into the chocolate was lovely, but it was such a creamy dish. Lucky, an unlimited supply of cold water was available.

In hindsight, we should have ordered two chocolates with one portion of churros. One portion each was just too much!

After breakfast, it was still only 10:00 in the morning. We were a little lost about what to do during the next few hours we had before returning to the Airport for our flight to Basel.

The sightseeing bus

We spotted some brochures for the sightseeing buses. There were two different bus companies. The red tour bus offered two routes, and the yellow tour bus provided just one route. We considered the time we had available as well as the duration of the routes. Then, we realized that we should be able to fit both routes of the red sightseeing bus into the time we had available before returning to the airport.

After buying our tickets from one of the kiosks on Puerta Del Sol, we went to the nearest bus stop. Once again we were lucky – the bus arrived at the same time as us!

Layover in Madrid - Neptune Fountain

We spent the next few hours on the sightseeing bus, learning about the history of Madrid and the many sights along the way. Mentally we were keeping track of the sights we would like to return to during our second layover.

Later on, when we were on the train back to the Airport, my partner and I were unanimous in the sights we wanted to see during our second layover in Madrid a few days later.

The Royal Palace of Madrid

Our second layover in Madrid started off much more smoothly than the first. We took the train from the airport to the Opera Station where we had mistakenly got off the previous time. From there it was a short walk to the Royal Palace of Madrid.

We both had spotted the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Cathedral opposite it from the sightseeing bus. These two buildings were impressive and stunning from a distance; we wanted to explore them from up close.

We decided to visit the Royal Palace first. Luck was on our side again, and when we got to the entrance, there was no queue.

Royal Armory

We first explored the Royal Armory, which had the royal armory outfits for soldiers and the royal family on display. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures.

When we exited the Royal Armory, there was a show going on outside. Afterward, we realized it was not an actual show, but a practice round for an event that would take place later. We stood and watched the horseriders and carriages for almost an hour. It felt so fitting to have the horses and carriages in the courtyard of the Royal Palace; this was most surely a tradition from the past. We felt honored to witness the practicing session.

Layover in Madrid - horserider show

Main palace building

We then entered the main palace. What a building it was! The rooms were so large and lavish, perfect for a Royal Family. Imagine the events that must have taken place inside the palace in throughout its history.

Layover in Madrid - Royal Palace of Madrid

The Spanish Royal Family still uses a portion on the Royal Palace, but they live in a different palace. A section of the palace was open for tourists. Unfortunately, photographs were not allowed in most of the rooms. Pity, but we had to respect this request.

Layover in Madrid - horserider show

From here we went to an art show in one of the side buildings of the passage. I am not usually a fan of art, but I found it quite impressive how vibrant and realistic some of the paintings and tapestries were considering how old they were.

Layover in Madrid - Tapestry

We spent about 4 hours exploring the Royal Palace and its grounds and could easily have spent more time there, but we were getting hungry and still wanted to see the inside of the Cathedral opposite the Royal Palace.

Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena

Layover in Madrid - Cathedral Santa Maria

We found the cathedral closed when we arrived there, which was disappointing. We took a few pictures of its great exterior and went looking for supper.

Eating Paella

By this time it was almost 19:00 and we were tired and hungry. We saw a restaurant opposite the Royal Palace selling Paella with a salad and a drink for a very reasonable price. Not feeling like looking further, we decided just to have supper there.

Layover in Madrid - Paella

It was my first time eating Paella. I am not much of a rice eater, but I found the dish quite pleasant and filling. We tried Spanish beer with the Paella and sat there watching the people walking past. No matter what country you are visiting, people-watching is a fascinating thing to do!

And so, our second layover in Madrid ended, and we had to return to the Airport.

These were the highlights from our two layovers in Madrid. It was too short to see much of the city, but it was long enough for me to know that I would have to return to Madrid to see more. I found the Spanish people friendly and Madrid beautiful.

Have you ever had a layover in Madrid? How did you spend it? What else would you recommend doing during a layover in Madrid?

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16 thoughts on “What to do during a layover in Madrid”

  1. I love the hot chocolate in Spain – it’s ‘proper’, as I say. I’ve never been to Madrid, but there’s some great advice here on what to do during a layover – thanks.

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of paella. Crispy rice with amazing sauce is perfection and that image makes my mouth water looks fantastic.

    • It was my first time having paella. I would like to try some of the other varieties as well, apparently, the seafood paella is the best!

  3. It’s always nice having a second go at it. Having things be familiar, but probably pretty exciting the first time. The palace looks amazing! I am going to have to figure out how to have a layover there or just go!

  4. Looked like you were able to pack in quite a lot! I love churros, especially on a cold winter’s day. I haven’t been to Madrid in a while, but it reminded me of some of the great things to see and do. Thank you!

  5. Wow! You packed a lot of great stuff into your layover. Madrid looks incredible. I really want to try some Churros Con Chocolate now.

  6. Wow, you packed a lot in to your 7 hour layover! And it’s not a trip to Spain without paella! I’ve only visited Barcelona, dying to go to Madrid, it looks like such a beautiful city

  7. So, convenient there is a train from Airport to main City. That chocolate soup is just too much, one portion of it with those dips would have been good. But well done, you spent your time in Madrid well in your layover time, most of us would have wasted it sitting in the airport and reading a book or sleeping after searching for nice breakfast, but you spent your time well exploring Madrid City.


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