11 Itinerary Planning Apps and Resources

11 Itinerary Planning Apps & Resources

If you are worried about doing DIY itinerary planning after considering the factors that could influence your itinerary planning, there is some good news! There are several apps and resources to help you with your itinerary planning. These itinerary planning apps include Trip Hobo, Sygic travel maps, Wanderlog, PlanApple, Toorister, TripAdvisor, Trip Scout, Culture Trip, … Read more

Factors To Consider In Itinerary Planning

7 Factors to consider in itinerary planning Square

Many people tend not to do itinerary planning or don’t do it well enough to be helpful. However, while considering the steps for creating a DIY travel itinerary, there are factors to consider in itinerary planning. There are several factors you need to consider when doing itinerary planning, including using travel research in your itinerary … Read more

Step-by-step DIY itinerary planning

Step-by-step DIY itinerary planning

I will never forget my first overseas trip. I was going to see EVERYTHING in Zurich, Switzerland. Good thing I love travel research and planning because I quickly realised that itinerary planning is critical to make the most of your time away. In this post, we consider what itinerary planning is, why itinerary planning is … Read more