13 Castles in Switzerland You Absolutely Cannot Miss!

Castles in Switzerland Featured

Even though Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it still has over 1,000 castles and fortresses. And that’s not counting all the tower houses and fortified mansions. You can find a castle in almost every Swiss town. But some castles are more spectacular than others, and these magnificent medieval structures are what … Read more

The Ultimate Guide About What to Wear in Switzerland

What to wear in Switzerland

Switzerland is a landlocked country, known for its snow-capped Alps, excellent chocolate, and cutting-edge timepieces. This Switzerland packing guide gives you general tips for what to wear in Switzerland on your holiday to ensure you have a great time in this beautiful Alpine nation without incurring extra costs to purchase items you left behind. It … Read more

How to travel from Basel to Colmar

How to get from Basel to Colmar

Basel is located in the NorthWestern region of Switzerland. It is a good base to explore the surrounding areas of France and  Germany. Colmar is a well-known tourist attraction with its architectural landmarks, museum and old town. Visiting Colmar is a perfect option for a day trip from Basel as it is only 47 miles … Read more