Sponsored posts

In the past year, I have had an increasing number of requests for sponsored posts. Although I am not against publishing such posts, my criteria for these posts are:

  • I can write the post for the sponsor or the post can be provided by the sponsor. If I write the article, the cost of publishing the post increases.
  • If the sponsor provides the post, I will need to approve it before agreeing to publish it
  • The post must be 1000+ words
  • The post must be travel-related and fit into one of my blog categories
  • I will edit the post and add images
  • I will run it through Copyscape to make sure there is no plagiarism
  • I will allow 1-3 links in each post – the sponsor can specify these links but I need to approve these as part of the draft post before making a final decision about publishing it.

If you would like to get in touch with me about sponsored content, please reach out to me using my contact page or at sabs@focusedtravels.com for details on the costs involved.