If you are planning a trip to a foreign country, you’ve come to the right place! If it is your first overseas trip, even better! Here at Focused Travels, we help you find inspiration and plan your trip each step of the way.

Travel inspiration

Before you ever set foot on a plane, train or another vehicle, you must have a desire to travel. Perhaps something inspired you to visit a specific country or sight. There are many ways we find travel inspiration. The following articles can help you find your inspiration and dream about places to visit.

Travel Styles

There are many different travel styles, including:

  • Adventure
  • Cruises
  • Family
  • Food and wine
  • Luxury
  • Budget travel
  • Romantic
  • Travel with pets
  • Wellness
  • Unique vacations
  • Package holidays
  • Volunteer travel
  • Business travel
  • Long term or slow travel
  • Weekend travel
  • Caravan/RV travel
  • Solo travel
  • City breaks
  • Religious travel

Here are some posts about specific styles of travel:

Choosing a travel destination

You may have a long bucket list of places you want to visit – but how do you decide which one to pick? Here is some advice to help you choose your travel destination:

When to go

Once you’ve identified your travel destination, you need to start planning your trip. The first decision is when to go. Here are some useful posts to help you decide:

Planning your Travel Itinerary

When you’ve chosen your destination and have decided when you will go on your trip, the fun starts! You can start planning your travel itinerary to see if you can squeeze in all the sights you would like to see. These posts can help you with your itinerary planning:

Example itineraries

Here are some examples of itineraries to inspire you to develop your own for your trip!

How to Budget for Travel

Money is an important part of your travel plans. Without money, you won’t be able to get anywhere or do anything. Here are some tips to help you budget for your travel:

Preparing for your trip

The next step is to start preparing for your trip. Make sure you have a passport and that it is suitable for international travel. Most countries require a passport with several empty pages and validity for 6 months.

Another important item to consider is getting travel insurance. Depending on the type of travel insurance you buy, you will be covered against unforeseen medical expenses, losses or theft, as well as natural disasters. You should never travel without travel insurance!

Booking your flights and flying to your destination

Your flights will be one of your most expensive items when you travel. Make sure you make the most of your flight by looking for the best deal and making use of layovers!

Booking your accommodation

Another of your major expenses for any trip will be your accommodation costs. Here are tips to help you save money when you book accommodation.

On your trip

When your flight nears, you’ll start thinking about what to pack. Consider the time of your you’re going, as well as the type of activities you like to take part in while in your destination.

When you arrive at your destination, based on your itinerary, you may choose to explore the country using day trips or tours. You may also choose to explore the country on your own.

Most people visit the well-known attractions on their first visit to a country and explore the lesser-known places when they return. What you see is really up to you!

There are some important things to consider after arriving in your destination, such as transport and how to use the internet safely. Here are some tips for you:


Useful apps while in a foreign city

After your trip

After your trip, there are many tasks you need to do. Here are some posts with more information on these items:

Long-term travel