My review of the Leoneck Hotel Zurich

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on any of these links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for which I will earn a small commission if you click on them and make a purchase. Even if I receive a small commission, there is no additional cost to you!

When I was planning my holiday days as part of my work trip to Switzerland, I took a very long time to book a hotel for the time I wanted to spend in Zurich. Zurich is an expensive city, and hotel accommodation is very pricey. Eventually, I booked the Hotel Leoneck through The price was reasonable for Zurich, and it offered a free buffet breakfast. Also, the hotel is near Zürich HB, with easy access to public transport. The ratings and reviews on seemed to be quite good.

Leoneck Hotel Zurich

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Now, let’s get to business! Here is my review of the Leoneck Hotel Zurich and what staying there was like!

Decor at the Leoneck Hotel Zurich

While looking at pictures of the Leoneck Hotel Zurich, I found the decor quirky and appealing. The decor featured a cow-theme throughout the hotel which I thought was very Swiss and so cute! The cow-theme is seen everywhere, the entrance, the reception area, passages and the bedrooms. They are certainly very consistent with their branding!

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Here is the Leoneck Hotel’s reception area:

Leoneck Hotel Zurich Reception Area

My room at the Leoneck Hotel Zurich

The passage decor is similar – squirrels and pictures of traditional Swiss people like this one:

Swiss decor

I was not disappointed with the Leoneck Hotel. Upon arrival, the reception upgraded me from a single to a double room at no additional cost. I was allowed to store my luggage in the luggage storage room since it was still too early for me to check-in.

When I finally came back to the hotel after my visit to the Rheinfalls, I was able to check in quickly. I was pleasantly surprised with my room. The room was light and airy.

Leoneck Hotel Zurich Room

There was plenty of space for sitting and my luggage.

The room even had a balcony facing the tram stop that was in front of the hotel – just lovely! When I closed the balcony doors the noise from outside was completely blocked out.

Leoneck Hotel Zurich View from Room

Even the shampoos and bathroom goodies featured the cow theme!

Leoneck Hotel Zurich Toiletries

My room key also had a cow design!

Keyring in the Leoneck Hotel Zurich

At the start of my stroll through Zurich, I walked through the garden of the Leoneck Hotel. It looked like a peaceful place to spend a few minutes reading a book or just relaxing.

Leoneck Hotel Zurich Garden

The next morning breakfast I had breakfast in the Crazy Cow restaurant. I enjoyed the buffet variety and felt it filled me enough to give me energy for an entire day of exploration.

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