Guest posts

In the past year, I have had several requests for guest posts on my blog. I welcome these requests and will happily post a guest blog by

  • a fellow travel blogger wanting to build backlinks to their blog or
  • a freelance writer wanting to build a portfolio of clips.

Please note, I do not pay for guest posts.

Additional requirements for guest posts are:

  • The post must be 1000+ words
  • The post must be travel-related and fit into one of my blog categories
  • I will edit the post and add images
  • I will run it through Copyscape to make sure plagiarism is not an issue
  • I will allow 2 do-follow links in each post. This will include a profile link to the blog/portfolio of the posting individual and one other link in the blog post itself. NO affiliate links!
  • I may add my affiliate links to these posts if I consider it suitable.
  • I may decline using a post if I find it unsuitable for my blog upon receiving the full post

If you meet the above requirements, please reach out to me using my contact page or at