The Ultimate Guide About What to Wear in Switzerland

What to wear in Switzerland

Switzerland is a landlocked country, known for its snow-capped Alps, excellent chocolate, and cutting-edge timepieces. This Switzerland packing guide gives you general tips for what to wear in Switzerland on your holiday to ensure you have a great time in this beautiful Alpine nation without incurring extra costs to purchase items you left behind. It … Read more

Review of the Elephant Hills Hotel, Zimbabwe

We spent four days at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe during a work trip to Victoria Falls. Seeing Victoria Falls was a magnificent experience, but what was the Elephant Hills Hotels in Zimbabwe like? This post may contain affiliate links. Should you purchase after clicking on one of these links, I will earn a … Read more

Limmatblick Hotel Zurich: ultimately disappointing

After our excursion to Jungfrau, we boarded the train to go back to Zurich. We were flying back to Madrid the next day. We arrived in Zurich just before sunset, but fortunately, our hotel, the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich, was located near the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (central station) in Zurich. Location of the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich One … Read more