Victoria Falls pictures from our recent visit

I recently visited Victoria Falls for a work trip. That is nothing to complain about, mainly since Victoria Falls or Vic Falls, as it is commonly known, was an item on my bucket list. We only had half a day to explore the falls, but I wanted to share some of our stunning Victoria Falls pictures!

We visited Victoria Falls in November, which is low water season. This did not make a difference; the Falls was beautiful and much larger than we had anticipated. I suppose high water season will be even more impressive!

Victoria Falls Pictures

Victoria Falls facts

The Victoria Falls National Park, the location of the Victoria Falls, is a 7-minute drive from the center of the Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe. Taxis are available from all hotels, and their rates are reasonable. The Victoria Falls are on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

According to historical information, David Livingstone found the falls in 1855. He named it after Queen Victoria of Brittian, but the indigenous name of the Victoria Falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means the smoke that thunders.

The Victoria Falls is the largest sheet of falling water in the world with a hight of 108 meters and a width of 1,708 meters.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls entrance opens at 6:00 in the morning and closes at 18:00. We arrived there around 8:30. I thought this was a good time as it was starting to get warm, but was still cold enough to enjoy walking around the Falls. By the time we left, which was around 10:00, buses full of tourists were stopping in the parking area opposite the Victoria Falls entrance. I suspect the busiest times may be mid-day.

I would not recommend going between 11:00 and 15:00. This is the warmest part of the day, and in Africa, the sun is dangerously hot between these hours. Either go early like we did, or try going later.

Victoria Falls entrance fee

There is no standard fee for entrance to Victoria Falls. As we are from South Africa, we paid $15, while the Americans behind us had to pay $20. Our hotel had informed us it would be $18 per person, so it seems they change the price as they see fit.

Victoria Falls Pictures - Victoria Falls Entrance-2

The American couple behind us at the Victoria Falls entrance thought they could enter for free as they were staying a hotel nearby, but based on what the cashier said it seems that everyone has to pay, regardless of which hotel you are staying at.

Victoria Falls facts information

After paying the entrance fee, you enter the Victoria Falls National Park. From here there are some walls with information sheets giving some details about the Zambezi River, how the Victoria Falls change throughout the year and also how the Victoria Falls are one of the seven wonders of the world.

Just beyond this point is a souvenir shop selling all kinds of African soft toys, fridge magnets and also some more African souvenirs.

Victoria Falls pictures from the viewpoints

From here we started walking towards the Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls National Park has markers everywhere, and it will be difficult to get lost. Guided walking tours are available for Victoria Falls available for purchase, and we saw many groups utilizing these tour guides.

Victoria Falls Pictures - warthog along the way to the falls

There is some wildlife in the park, and we came across a warthog almost as soon as we started on the walking route.


We first visited the statue of David Livingstone. There is apparently another statue on the Zambian side of the falls, but the Zimbabwean statue was impressive!

Victoria Falls pictures - David Livingstone statue


The statue of David Livingstone is at the side of the Victoria Falls. From here we could see the falls continuing far in the distance.

Victoria Falls Pictures - Victoria Falls from the side


We continued walking all along the falls. The sound of the falls was thunderous, and the spray reached everywhere. Lucky we had been warned and had taken rain jackets with us. Other people had their cameras in ziplock bags. Since it was warming up quickly, we found the spray refreshing.

There are many viewpoints, we counted 14, and those were only the ones we managed to see. I am sure there are quite a few more if one carried on further. From each viewpoint, the falls looked stunning and gave us a different perspective from which to take Victoria Falls pictures. There were many rainbows everywhere, just adding to the charm of the falls.

Victoria Falls Pictures - the view of the Victoria Falls

We eventually arrived at an area where the falls looked much drier. According to the markers, these were the gorges. Even though they were dry, they were still beautiful.

Victoria Falls pictures - the gorges toward the dry side of Victoria Falls

We walked from viewpoint to viewpoint until we only had enough time to walk back to the entrance where our taxi was waiting for us.

The Victoria Falls National Park scenery

Victoria Falls pictures - scenery around the Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls National Park was full of contrasting scenery. I found it so interesting that I had to add some pictures of the scenery to my collection of Victoria Falls pictures!

All along the falls it was lush and green, while it was brown and dry more in-land and then there were patches of greenery all around. I was grateful for the protection of the trees against the sun.

Victoria Falls Pictures - greenery near the Victoria Falls


Other facilities in the Victoria Falls National Park

As we completed our walk back to the Victoria Falls entrance, we noticed that there was a restaurant as well. If we had time, having a cold drink, there would have been refreshing!

Victoria Falls Pictures - The restaurant in the Victoria Falls National Park

There was also art pieces located near the restaurant and souvenir shop.

Victoria Falls Pictures - Art near the restaurant in the Victoria Falls National Park


Our verdict

We loved Victoria Falls. As you can hopefully see from our Victoria Falls pictures, the falls are stunning and impressive even though it was still low water season. We would like to return when it is high season and perhaps try the Zambian side of the falls!

Have you ever been to Victoria Falls? Did you enjoy the experience? How did it compare to other waterfalls you have visited?

13 thoughts on “Victoria Falls pictures from our recent visit”

  1. Victoria Falls is undoubtedly awesome. I visited there a couple of years ago, and the highlight for me was undoubtedly going to the top of the Falls via Livingstone Island. Sitting in Devil’s Pool was definitely a memorable moment!

  2. Thank you for all the tips how to visit Victoria Falls! It’s something so amazing that maybe a full day would do it more justice! And it’s like entreating a reserve! Wow!

    • Visiting Vic Falls definitely is like walking through a nature reserve. I loved how the scenery changed as one gets closer to the falls!

  3. Victoria Falls is very high up on my list of places I’ve dreamed of visiting. I love these massive falls that span the borders of two countries. I’ve been lucky enough to see both the Argentinian and Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls and the Canadian and American side of Niagara. Hopefully, Victoria will be next!

  4. Sadly, I’ve been talking about visiting Victoria Falls National Park for years but haven’t made it. This is one more push for me to finally get this on my travel itinerary!


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