Seoul Namsan Tower for spectacular views

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While in Seoul, South Korea, for a work trip, my time for sightseeing was limited to one afternoon only. I was staying at the Shilla Hotel and decided to spend my afternoon visiting the Seoul Namsan Tower.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

History of the Seoul Namsan Tower

The N Seoul Tower is probably the best-known landmark in Seoul. The top of the Seoul Namsan Tower is high at 480 meters above sea level. This height is due to the height of Namsan Mountain on which the tower is located. The Namsan Mountain is 243 meters high, and the Seoul Namsan Tower itself is 236,7 meters high. The Seoul Namsan Tower is located at the Seoul Tower Plaza.

The Seoul Namsan Tower was used as a broadcasting tower for radio and television signals since 1969. Now it is a popular landmark to visit for both locals and tourists.

Seoul Namsan Tower

Getting to the Seoul Namsan Tower

The Shilla Hotel Seoul where I was staying was not that far from the Seoul Namsan Tower.  I was able to catch a bus just outside the gates of the hotel. Seoul has fantastic public transport.

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Not long after getting on the bus, we arrived at the Namsan Mountain park area. From here the bus went up along a winding road. Namsan Park was beautiful, one could easily spend a day picnicking there. The Park seemed popular with the locals for walking.

Arriving at the Seoul Namsan Tower

Eventually, we arrived at the top of the Namsan Mountain where the Seoul Tower Plaza and the Seoul Namsan Tower is located. Most of the passengers on the bus disembarked here.

In the parking lot, I saw several tourist buses. I felt like turning around… tourist buses mean crowds and queues. Many buses were leaving, but other buses arrived soon after.

Namsan Seoul Tower - crowds on the way up

From the bus stop, it is a bit of a walk to the roof of the Seoul Tower Plaza. The walk was uphill and I had to stop several times – partly to catch my breath, but also to admire the views.

Namsan Seoul Tower - views walking up

The first thing I noticed when I made it to the top, was the bridge with the many lovers’ locks. I was a bit confused – I always thought this was something that only happened in Europe.

Namsan Seoul Tower - lovers locks on the viewpoint bridge

Going up the Seoul Namsan Tower

I looked around and noticed that there was a booth selling tickets to go up the Namsan Seoul Tower. I purchased my tickets and entered the building. To get to the top of the tower, we had to take an elevator.

Namsan Seoul Tower as seen from below

As I exited the elevator, I immediately saw the view from the tower’s windows. It was magnificent. The sun was setting, and I was able to photograph the most beautiful scenes from the tower. The views were incredible all around the tower.

Namsan Seoul Tower - beautiful views from the top

I walked around the entire tower and happily snapped pictures of the different scenes of Seoul. I regretted not having extra time to explore this city a bit more.

Ending my visit to the Seoul Namsan Tower

There are many souvenir shops on the top floor of the Seoul Namsan Tower. After spending about 30 minutes admiring the few and taking too many photos, I purchased a few keyrings and fridge magnets for the friends and family back home.

Namsan Seoul Tower - stunning views from the top

It was getting dark by now, and I decided that it would be better to get back to my hotel. Getting lost in a strange city at night was not my idea of fun!

Overall, I thought Seoul has such a convenient transport system which made visiting the Seoul Namsan Tower so easy.

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  1. I visited three years ago, but didn’t have a chance to do the tower. Looks like the best way to see the whole city.

  2. The views seem spectacular indeed 🙂 At 480m above sea level, they should be I guess, but if Seoul wasn’t the sprawling, buzzing metropolis it is they might not be…what great conditions you had too; mostly blue sky, but with patches of atmospheric, darkened cloud.

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