Review of the Elephant Hills Hotel, Zimbabwe

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We spent four days at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe during a work trip to Victoria Falls. Seeing Victoria Falls was a magnificent experience, but what was the Elephant Hills Hotels in Zimbabwe like?

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Getting to the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Airport is a 20-minute drive from the town of Victoria Falls. The Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe is a further 5-10 minutes from the town. Fortunately, there are many taxi services available from the airport, and the roads were not busy.

The reception at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

The staff at the Elephant Hills Resort was friendly and helpful. We barely stepped out of our taxi when a porter arrived to help with our luggage.

Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe - reception area

The reception staff was welcoming. There were some issues with the room we were supposed to have, but they quickly sorted it out, and within minutes we were on our way to our room.

Our room

The Elephant Hills Hotel is in a large resort complex. I am not sure of the number of rooms at the Resort, but it must be a few hundred.

Bedroom at the Elephant Hills Hotel in ZImbabwe
Our bedroom at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

Our room was cold when we entered, which was a welcome reprieve from the Zimbabwean heat. The room was a decent size and featured a double bed with a mosquito net, a small living area, and a balcony. The room also had a small television and coffee/tea facilities.

Elephant Hills Hotel Zimbabwe - bathroom

The bathroom offered plenty of toiletries and a combination bath/shower.

Eating at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

We decided to have room service most evenings during our stay. The room service meals had reasonable prices, and the portions were large. The food was delicious, and we never waited long for our food to be prepared.

Elephant Hills Hotel Zimbabwe - room service

There are several restaurants in the hotel complex, but the meals are much pricier than the room service prices.

Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe - breakfast area

Our room rate included breakfast. The breakfast selection at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe was perfect! So much was on offer: yogurts, cereals, different types of bread, various sausages, bacon, eggs, etc. We even tasted some of the desserts at breakfast – quite a treat! We found the staff serving breakfast very helpful as they brought coffee or tea on demand. Many of them could speak multiple languages – imagine our surprise as the staff welcomed a Korean tour group in Korean!


When we first entered our room, we immediately read a notice warning us that the monkey in the resort can become a nuisance. The doors to the balcony had to be closed at all times since the monkeys wanted to enter the rooms to get food. Lucky, the balcony doors could open while keeping the screening doors open if you wanted fresh air.

Elephant Hills Hotel in ZImbabwe - Monkey

The one morning I stood on the balcony and was quietly joined by a monkey. The monkeys seemed used to people. Before I knew it, Mr. Monkey was inside our room, grabbed a few sachets of sugar and left as quickly as he entered. The incident made me realize that I would have to close the balcony doors behind me when I stand on the balcony.

The view from our room at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

Every morning we stood on our balcony and viewed the wildlife outside on the hotel grounds. We only saw the animals in the mornings and evenings; I suppose the days are too warm for them to be around.

Elephant Hills Hotel in ZImbabwe - sprinbok view from the room

We saw warthogs on the hotel grounds, springbok and plenty of monkeys. I regretted not taking my proper camera; my iPhone had to suffice.

Warthogs at the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

From our balcony, we could even see and hear Victoria Falls in the distance.

The Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe: grounds and facilities

The Elephant Hills Hotel featured several large swimming pools. During the day bar service was available around the pool area. No one was allowed at the pools after 18:00 which was a pity as the water would have been lovely at that time.

Elephant Hills Hotel Zimbabwe - pool area

The hotel grounds also included a golf course and a tennis court.

During our stay, we could not open the one bathroom tap. Housekeeping responded quickly to our complaint and had the tap sorted out in minutes!

Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe - seating area

In the hotel itself, there are several seating areas for the use of visitors. After we checked out and had to wait for our shuttle to arrive to take us to the airport, we sat in the airconditioned lounge.

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Traveling to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

When we realized how far the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe was from the town of Victoria Falls we were a bit disappointed. Fortunately, there are always one or more taxis at the hotel, and we never waited longer than 5 minutes before leaving the hotel.

The average trip from the hotel to Victoria Falls cost about $20, which seemed high, but the hotel staff assured us that this was the standard price. Taxi drivers are quite willing to negotiate.

The Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe also have a shuttle service to Victoria Falls town at regular intervals, but we never managed to catch it.

Our overall view of the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe

The Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe is known as a conference hotel. Upon our departure, several Zimbabwean government officials checked in to the hotel for a conference.

Although the rooms need to be updated, we found the hotel’s facilities and rooms comfortable for a brief stay. Since it is a conference hotel, we saw many conference goers and tour groups, but during the day the pool area is quiet.

We loved the hotel’s breakfast, the pools, and the room service. Seeing the wildlife from our room was also a treat. If you need to spend a few days in Victoria Falls away from the hustle and bustle of the town, the Elephant Hills Hotel in Zimbabwe is the perfect place to stay!

Have you ever been to Zimbabwe? If you have, where did you stay?

Elephant Hills Hotel Zimbabwe

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