Limmatblick Hotel Zurich: ultimately disappointing

After our excursion to Jungfrau, we boarded the train to go back to Zurich. We were flying back to Madrid the next day. We arrived in Zurich just before sunset, but fortunately, our hotel, the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich, was located near the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (central station) in Zurich. Location of the Limmatblick Hotel Zurich One … Read more

What can you do at Uetliberg Mountain Zurich?

View from Uetliberg

One must-do outing from Zurich, Switzerland, is a visit to Uetliberg, Zurich. Uetliberg is near Zurich and if you only have half a day to hike or mountain bike, Uetliberg, Zurich s a good place to go. Uetliberg is sometimes called Zurich’s own mountain. Here you can find details about getting to Uetliberg and the … Read more