7 Things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland

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We recently had a whirlwind trip to Switzerland and spent a day in Zermatt, Switzerland. If you ever wondered, there are other things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland apart from seeing the Matterhorn. Visiting the Matterhorn is, however, a must-do! Since it was the beginning of summer, skiing did not seem like an option, but there were plenty of other things to do and see.

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Here are the best 7 things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland:

Zermatt Switzerland

1. Going up the mountains to see the Matterhorn

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Matterhorn -2

Seeing the Matterhorn is almost a given, I am sure everyone who visits the area has this at the top of their list of things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland. There are many ways to go up and see the Matterhorn; we decided on going up with the Gornergrat, which is the second-highest railway in Europe.

2. Riffelsee

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Riffelsee

To visit Riffelsee is easy, it is one stop down from the top of the Gornergrat. There are several lakes at this stop. When the lakes are liquid, you can see a magnificent reflection of the Matterhorn in some lakes. Unfortunately, when we were there, the lakes were frozen as the region had snow the week before.

3. Enjoying traditional Swiss food

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - traditional Swiss cheese fondue
Traditional Swiss cheese fondue

After asking several locals for the best place to have cheese fondue, we found they all agreed on the same restaurant: Restaurant Stadel not only sold the best cheese fondue but also had the best variety of fondues and also other traditional Swiss meals.

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Kalbbockwurst with rosti
Kalbbockwurst with rosti

We had cheese fondue and a Swiss veal sausage and rosti. Both dishes were delicious and filling. We can recommend Restaurant Stadel.

4. The Mountaineer’s Cemetery

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Mountaineers Cemetery

We were initially not too keen to visit the Mountaineers’ Cemetery, but I was glad we stopped there. It is sobering to see so many people who died while climbing the mountains around Zermatt. Some of them were young. There is a grave of a father and son that died together while trying to conquer one peak – how sad!

5. Matterhorn Museum

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Matterhorn Museum
Matterhorn Museum

We did not get to visit the Matterhorn Museum even though we had allocated time to visit it. The museum only opened between 14:00 – 18:00 and we only had the morning, so we did not get to go in. It was a pity that it was closed. Just like us, so many tourists wanted to visit the museum. Based on our research, the museum tells the history and development of tourism in Zermatt. It also tells about the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and his friends.

6. St Peter’s English Church

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - St Peters Church stained glass windows
St Peters Church stained glass windows

Perhaps not one of the most exciting things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland, but since it is next to the Mountaineer’s Cemetery and the Matterhorn Museum, making it an easy stop. As with most churches in Europe, St Peter’s English Church is a beautiful church. I loved the stained glass windows, but the ceiling was also spectacular.

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - St Peters Church Community Garden
St Peters Church Community Garden

On the side of St Peter’s and next to the Mountaineers’ Cemetery is the St Peter’s Community Garden. It is a beautiful garden and very relaxing to just sit and chill for a few minutes.

7. Hinterdorfstrasse

Things to do in Zermatt Switzerland - Hinterlandstrasse

The historic area in Hinterdorfstrasse surprised me. The receptionist at our hotel told us about the street with its historic houses when she gave us directions to Stadel Restaurant.

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There are several beautifully preserved historic buildings, including grain stores and houses. Definitely, something to see and it takes less than 5 minutes to walk through the street. It is a short detour from the main street, Bahnhofstrasse, in Zermatt.

We loved our time this small town, and as you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Have you been to this little town? Did you visit it to see the Matterhorn or did you go for any of the other things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland? What was your favourite thing to do in Zermatt?

12 thoughts on “7 Things to do in Zermatt, Switzerland”

  1. I have not been to Zermatt because of how expensive it is in Switzerland, but would absolutely love to see the Matterhorn. Good to know that there are so many other things to do there. Looks like a charming place to visit and hang out for a while. Enjoyed reading about your experience there.

  2. Switzerland is really very expensive. We only spend a few days there because I had to go for a conference for my full-time work.

  3. Wow… just imagining how beautiful it would be to see Matterhorn on the lakes at Gornergrat. And Restaurant Stadel check out lovely cheese fondues there!! … how awesome!!

  4. Next month I will go Zermatt Switzerland for my business trip. For this reason, I was finding what adventurous and interesting things I can do there. your article helps me much.Now I think this trip will be much interesting. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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