The Best Wengen Hotel For Visiting Jungfraujoch

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While planning our trip to Switzerland, we wondered what the best hotel for visiting the Jungfraujoch would be. We researched the different cities in the Bernese-Oberland region and eventually decided that we would stay in Wengen, which is one of the closest towns to the Jungfraujoch. Finding the best Wengen Hotel was quite a challenge since Jungfraujoch is very popular, summer was just starting in Europe, with the result that there were only a few hotel rooms available in Wengen. We managed to book a hotel room at a hotel I now consider as the best Wengen hotel.

Hotel _ Spa Victoria Lauberhorn

Getting to the best Wengen hotel

From Zermatt, we took the train to Wengen. It was a long, but scenic trip. We arrived at the Wengen station around 17:00 and we were quite tired and looked forward to a relaxing evening before exploring Jungfraujoch the next day.

I had forgotten to print a map of the hotel location, but we found the Wengen station so convenient – it had a map of all the hotels in Wengen. Our hotel was the Arena Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn, and it was located less than 10 meters from the station! Such good news!

best wengen hotel - hotel and spa victoria lauberhorn - hotel building

We quickly crossed the road and saw the hotel for the first time. It was an impressive building featuring the traditional Swiss style. I had always wanted to stay in such a hotel and upon seeing it, I was excited about our night there.

Arriving at the best Wengen Hotel: Hotel & Spa Victoria Lauberhorn

As we entered the foyer, we arrived at the back of a long queue at the reception desk. It looked like many people who were staying at the Victoria Lauberhorn had come on the same train as we did. I wondered if they also considered this the best Wengen hotel.

The queue moved quickly when more reception staff joined the team already at the reception desk. We were about halfway there when one of the staff members offered us complimentary drinks! It lightened the mood of those of us still waiting in the queue.

Complimentary arrival drinks

The drink was champagne with a hibiscus flower inside and it was tasty! Since the flower is edible, we also ate it. We found it delicious and refreshing! The staff informed us that it was the first weekend in June and therefore, the first weekend of summer in Switzerland. At the Hotel & Spa Victoria Lauberhorn, the start of summer is celebrated with the special drink. I thought this was a lovely way to be welcomed.