Exploring Basel a bit more….

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Exploring Basel

After a short nap and refreshing in the hotel, I decided that it was such a lovely day that I should not spend it indoors.

Exploring Basel at the Spalenring tram stop

I took a tram from the tram stop in front of the Basel Bahnhof SBB to the Spalenring stop and got off to explore. I noticed this garden with the most impressive displays immediately. The garden’s name was Schuetzenmatt Park.

This is what I saw first: this little path full of brooms first. It made me think of Harry Potter!

Broom Garden Basel

It also had some other interesting structures in place.

From where I was standing I could see a beautiful change a little way down the road, so I walked there. It was Paulusgasse (St Paul’s church).


Exploring Basel by tram

The tram came past, and I got back onto it. The tram track followed the river. I could see France on the other side of the river!


I got off at another stop and decided to walk around a bit. Eventually, I found the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel. Unfortunately, it was closed, but I would have loved to walk around and looked at the toys on the inside. I bet kids love this place although it will probably be difficult to keep them from touching them!


Exploring Basel: Tinguely-Brunnen

I walked a little further and reached the Tinguely-Brunnen. Tinguely-Brunnen is a fascinating display of moving objects in a pond. Apparently, the move without the use of electricity and is concerned to be engineering art. They were mesmerizing, to say the least, and I sat there for a while just looking at the movement.


Walking back to my hotel

From there I walked back to the Basel Bahnhof. I saw this kinetic statue near Aeschenplatz simulating chopping with an ax – fascinating stuff.


I went back to my hotel near the Basel Bahnhof SBB to spend my last evening in Basel relaxing a bit. The view of Basel from my hotel window was gorgeous. The European summer days are so lovely and long. This photo was taken around 23:00, there was daylight until about 22:00.


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