The making of Dutch wooden shoes at Zaanse Schans

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After arriving at Zaanse Schans, which is less than 20 minutes from Amsterdam, we decided to first go to the Dutch wooden shoe workshop. We had never seen Dutch wooden clogs before and wanted to learn more about these shoes.

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This is the hotel we wanted to stay at, but it was fully booked! What an interesting design!!!

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Outside the Dutch wooden shoe workshop

Outside the Dutch wooden shoe workshop, there are a few HUGE and colourful wooden shoes or clogs outside. They are perfect for taking pictures – you can either sit in them or stand up – your choice! It was fun!

Inside the Dutch wooden shoe workshop

Entrance to the workshop is free! When you enter, there is a long passage that serves as a museum showing the history of Dutch wooden shoes.


The variety of Dutch wooden shoes

I never knew there was such a variety of Dutch wooden shoes. For weddings, you get shoes decorated with elaborate carvings, very detailed and lovely.

Wedding wooden shoes

There are also different types of wooden shoes for working or sports events. There are even silly ones like this pair of Heineken wooden shoes.

Dutch wooden shoes can also be used as decor inside your house. Just add a few wooden tulips and you are set to go!

Shoe-making demonstrations

The Dutch wooden shoe workshop also offers regular demonstrations of how they used to make wooden shoes in the olden days compared to now. Even with the faster methods used now, the shoes still need a few days to dry out before decoration takes place. I was impressed with the presenter as he could speak so many languages, even Mandarin! To my knowledge, this is the only wooden shoemaker demonstration in Holland!

Dutch wooden shoe workshop demonstration

The workshop sells a vast range of wooden shoes covering different sizes and decorations. There is a pair for everyone! We tried some on, and they felt comfortable but felt that it would take us a while to get used to since it feels different to regular shoes. Coming from South Africa with our weak currency, we found the actual sized wooden shoes pricey at around Euro 40 – 60.

Dutch Wooden Shoe making at the Zaanse Schans village near Amsterdam.
Dutch Wooden Shoe making at the Zaanse Schans village near Amsterdam.

Dutch wooden shoe souvenirs

The workshop also sells other types of souvenirs, such as keyrings and mini wooden shoes as memorabilia. We had a difficult time choosing what we wanted to buy for friends and family.

Visiting this wooden shoe workshop is definitely worth visiting for some insight into an old Dutch tradition!

19 thoughts on “The making of Dutch wooden shoes at Zaanse Schans”

  1. Zaanse Schans is one m favorite places in Holland! And those wooden Dutch shoes are a great gift idea, too. Thank you for sharing the story for making them!

  2. Thank’s for the article! This place seems quite interesting. I never heard of that place, even if I went a few times to Amsterdam. I will definitely go there the next time 🙂

  3. It’s so easy to overlook the intricacies of a culture or country. I never would’ve thought about the variety of dutch shoes and for the different occasions. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I remember seeing these beautiful wooden shoes while in Rotterdam. It was a fun experience getting to take photos with the giant clogs as well seeing all the details up close.

  5. i visited a wooden shoe factory while traveling near amsterdam myself, such a fun process to see…the carved ones have so much detail!

  6. Great post! This place looks like a great place to visit. I’ve always wanted to visit Netherlands someday. Heard so many great things about their popular wooden shoes/clogs. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. I must be honest, I have always known wooden shoes existed, but just never knew they had different ones for different occassions.

  8. Maxime, I think you will enjoy it. It is so close to Amsterdam that it makes a nice morning or afternoon trip

  9. They would make lovely gifts. We ended up buying the mini-wooden shoes for friends and family back home (and ourselves).

  10. I have been to the Netherlands only once. I was 19 and in the military. I bought my mom a pair of clogs and over 15 years later she still has them.

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