Voltage in Switzerland: Travel Adapter Needed?

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While planning your next trip to Switzerland, remember to research electricity information to determine the voltage in Switzerland. Using this information can help you pack the correct travel adapter and converter to ensure you can use Swiss power outlets to charge your electronic devices.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

What is the voltage in Switzerland?

The power sockets in Switzerland provide a standard voltage of 230V at a standard frequency of 50Hz.

Can I use my electronic equipment in Switzerland?

The first step is to consider the voltage in your home country to find out if you can use Swiss outlets to charge your electronic devices, such as a laptop computer. Here are some general guidelines:

  • When the standard voltage in your home country ranges between 220V-240V, you can use your equipment in Switzerland without using a converter. Most countries in Africa (such as South Africa), Asia, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom use this voltage range. 
  • If you are from North America, including Canada, the United States of America, and South America, the standard voltage in your country is typically between 100V-127V. This voltage difference means that you will most likely need a voltage converter to use your equipment in Switzerland. 

The next step is to consider the frequency used in your home country to compare it with Switzerland’s frequency. If the frequencies differ, be careful when you plug your electrical devices into a plug point in your hotel room in Switzerland. Check your equipment’s labels to see if it can handle the Swiss frequency of 50Hz. 

Voltage in Switzerland - travel adapter needed
Voltage in Switzerland – travel adapter needed

If you want to charge your USB devices, such as your cell phone, photo cameras or tablets, you may want to purchase USB chargers with the correct voltage for Switzerland. Make sure the one you are buying includes a Type J plug adapter. 

The same principles apply to foreign appliances. Always check the voltage and frequency of items, such as a washing machines, electric fan heaters and mobile devices, before plugging them into foreign outlets. To use American appliances in Switzerland, you will need to use a converter before plugging it into a Swiss power outlet to avoid damaging the electrical equipment.

Switzerland: types of electrical outlets and plugs 

Switzerland uses plugs and power outlets of types C & J. 

  •  Type C is the standard plug used in most European countries, including continental Europe. People commonly use this plug type in Asia, South America and several other countries. Type E plugs and type F plugs will also fit in a Type C outlet. This wall socket has two circular hotels next to each other.
  • Type J: Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the only countries using Type J plugs. Fortunately, a Type C plug will fit into a Type J outlet. Type J wall sockets have a hexagon shape with three large holes in a triangular configuration. 

Where in your home country can you buy a power adapter for travelling to Switzerland?

Do your research before you travel. If you cannot find a power adaptor for Switzerland before flying, you can buy one in most major international airports. Just bear in mind that they usually stock the power adaptors to the popular destinations only and you may not be able to find a suitable one for Switzerland.

At the airport, take a look in the travel accessories area of the airport’s electronic stores, pharmacies and newsagents. The prices at the stores may be higher than what you would have paid elsewhere.

It is always better to buy a power adaptor before you depart on your trip. Electrical stores sell some travel adapters, and you may be lucky enough to find one for Switzerland. 

Where in Switzerland can you buy a power adapter?

Once you arrive in Switzerland, you can go to electrical shops or pharmacies to find a power adaptor. Avoid buying a power adaptor in a foreign country, as you may waste time finding one in an unfamiliar city.

Alternatively, find out if your hotel has a power adaptor to accommodate the voltage in Switzerland. Some hotels sell power adaptors, or they may be complimentary for guests. Just remember, they don’t have unlimited stock. 

Travel adapters from Amazon to cater for the voltage in Switzerland

Amazon sells a great selection of travel adapters to suit most destinations globally. You will probably find one with the correct voltage for Switzerland. You can consider buying a universal adapter, which you can use in various countries and regions of the world, such as the Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong.

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