An essential item to pack: a world travel adapter plug set

Are you planning your next trip? Then, an essential item on any traveller’s checklist is a world travel adapter plug set or a universal adapter. 

You need a world travel adapter plug set when you travel to different countries to ensure your electrical devices remain charged and usable to allow you to stay connected with work or family. 

Nowadays, everyone travels with several electrical devices, such as laptops and cell phones. You must be ready to keep all your electrical equipment charged and usable when you travel. 

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Why you need a world travel adapter plug set when travelling

When you plan on travelling across different regions, you will need a world travel adapter plug set to charge your devices. 

  • An adapter lets you plug your electronic devices into wall power outlets with different plug types or sockets than what you usually use at home. 
  • There is an excellent selection of travel adapters you can buy online, at local electronics stores and even at airport shopping areas before you depart. 

If you often travel to different countries or regions globally, it would be wise to invest in a universal travel adapter to suit your electronic devices. 

Different Voltage & Plug Outlet Types Across the World 

An essential item to pack- a world travel adapter plug set
An essential item to pack- a world travel adapter plug set

When making your travel plans, you need to have a plan for keeping your electrical equipment charged and ready for use. It would help if you considered all the devices you plan on taking with you on your travels, such as your laptop, phone and other devices. When planning how you will charge your devices, consider these two factors: 

Using a world travel adapter plug set to cater for differences in voltage between countries

When you want to purchase a world travel adapter plug set to take with you on a trip, consider the different voltage and charger outlets used across the world. 

 Across the world, there are two voltage ranges; 110-127V or 220-240V. 

  • The United Kingdom uses 230V 
  • North America (including the United States and Canada) use 100-127V. 
  • Hong Kong and most of the Asian region use 220-240V. 
  • New Zealand, Australia and the Oceania/Pacific region also operate at 220-240V. 
  • All countries in the Middle East and most European countries use 220-240V. 
  • Most of Africa also works at 220-240V. 

Fortunately, you can buy a dual-voltage appliance to make your life easier, especially if you travel regularly. 

If your device says “Input: 110-240V,” then you can use it without voltage conversion.

If your devices are not dual-voltage, you will need to travel with a converter. Voltage converters can be heavy and oversized and not ideal for travelling. 

When purchasing devices you know you will travel with, it is best to make sure that you purchase dual-voltage devices. When you do this, you won’t need to buy a voltage converter with which to travel. 

Using a world travel adapter plug setDifferences in plug outlets across countries/regions 

Besides considering the voltage differences between countries when travelling, you must also consider the plug outlet to determine if you need to pack power plug adapters. 

There are several power plugs across different countries, each with its own wall sockets and power outlets. These plug outlets can range from: 

  • North America uses Type A  
  • The United Kingdom uses Type G 
  • New Zealand and the Pacific uses Type I  
  • European countries typically use Type C  
  • Type J sockets are not widely used, except in Jordan, Madagascar, Rwanda, and the Maldives.
a world travel adapter plug set
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