Best things to do at the southern tip of Africa

I always thought that Cape Point was the southernmost tip of Africa, but while planning another road trip along the coast of the Western Cape, I discovered that the southern tip of Africa, and therefore of South Africa, is located at L’Agulhas.

We spent a day in Mosselbay and from there we were going to Cape Town for a few days to explore the Mother City. Visiting L’Agulhas was an opportunity we could not pass by despite the additional hours required to drive there.

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How to get to the southern tip of Africa

Getting to the southernmost tip of Africa requires a car. L’Agulhas is not en route to anywhere. Visiting L’Agulhas has to be a conscious decision as it ads several hours on any road trip in the region.

Driving from Cape Town to Mosselbay or the other way around means following the N2. To get to L’Agulhas, one has to get off the N2. If you are coming from Mosselbay, you will most likely turn off towards Bredasdorp/Struisbaai after leaving Swellendam. From Swellendam, it will take another 90 minutes.

Mosselbay Municipality to Hermanus Google Maps
Mosselbay Municipality to Hermanus Google Maps

If you are coming from Cape Town’s side, you will leave the N2 after reaching Caledon. From Caledon, it will take about 90 minutes to get to L’Agulhas.

Cape Town to LAgulhas to visit the southern tip of Africa Google Maps
Cape Town to LAgulhas to visit the southern tip of Africa Google Maps

L’Agulhas and Struisbay are two small towns next to each other. They appear to not be quiet during non-peak times.

Things to do near the southern tip of Africa

For such a small area, there are many things to do. What follows is not an exhaustive list, but features the highlights of the area.

Climbing to the top of the Cape Agulhas lighthouse

The Cape Agulhas lighthouse is in the Agulhas National Park. Entrance to the Park is free, but there is a small fee for entering the lighthouse. Before purchasing your tickets, bear in mind that the steps to the top of the lighthouse are steep. The view from the top of the lighthouse is unbeatable!

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse near the southern tip of Africa

The Cape Agulhas lighthouse is near the entrance to the Agulhas National Park, and parking is available. The lighthouse is the third oldest lighthouse in South Africa. It is also the second oldest lighthouse still in operation (the Green Point lighthouse is the oldest operational lighthouse in South Africa). The Cape Agulhas lighthouse was declared a national monument in 1973. Currently, the lighthouse keeper’s house now features a museum and a restaurant.

Visiting the southernmost tip of Africa

The southern tip of Africa is near the Cape Agulhas lighthouse. Be warned; it is probably the busiest attraction in the Agulhas National Park! We had to wait 20 minutes before we could take our pictures at the marker as there was a constant stream of people wanting to capture their visit to the southern tip of Africa with a photograph.

southernmost tip of Africa

Near to the southernmost tip of Africa is a map of Africa, which is missed by many people since they are so focused on the marker at the southernmost tip. The Map of Africa is only a few meters from the marker and worth seeing.

Southern tip of Africa is a map of Africa


The Meisho Maru 38 shipwreck

There are many shipwrecks along the Agulhas coast. The easiest to spot from the shore is the shipwreck of the Meisho Maru 38. This shipwreck is Instagram worthy, especially at sunset.

Southern tip of Africa shipwrecks along the Agulhas coast

There is a shipwreck museum in Bredasdorp, which is a town near Struisbaai. Unfortunately, we did not visit the museum, but it is something to add to our list for a future road trip!

Eating at Sea Shack

Eating at the Sea Shack is quite an experience. The Sea Shack’s tables stand on the beach; you can drag your feet through the beach sand while eating. We were there for lunch, and the place was quiet. I imagine evenings may be busier and livelier, especially during peak season.

Southern tip of Africa Sea Shack

The food was fresh and tasty and the prices were reasonable – we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The portions were large – don’t be tempted to buy extras!

Worth the extra hours on the road?

We found the visit to the southern tip of Africa worth the extra hours on the road. The roads to Agulhas were in good condition and not too busy.

Spending the night in Struisbaai

We did not spend a night in Struisbay or L’Agulhas, but that would have given us some extra time to explore the area as there are many things we did not get to do and see. There are several hiking trails in the Agulhas National Park I would love to explore. Spending a relaxing few days in L’Agulhas or Struisbay could be just what the doctor ordered! To see your options for hotels and vacation homes, check out the map below!

Have you ever visited the southernmost tip of Africa? Did you try any of the other sights and activities in the area?

Southernmost tip of Africa
Best things to do at the southern tip of Africa

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  1. Wow, amazing pictures and information. I will definitely have to share this with my friend who visits often. If I ever plan a vacation I know I am definitely keeping your suggestions and maps. Such a great read!! Thank you for sharing this information!! Africa is definitely going to stay on my list.

  2. When I visited Cape Town years ago, we booked a tour to visit that region. I remember some of the places & also wine tasting… Although I didn’t do any tasting myself.

  3. Wow. Considering you had to wait to get a photo at the marker, you certainly got a fantastic shot! It’s gorgeous! While it wouldn’t have occurred to me to travel here, I’m putting it on the list!


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