Have fun & learn: Redberry Farm near George

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During our road trip through the Garden Route in South Africa, we were leaving Mossel Bay and driving to George. There was one stop I wanted to make, and that was visiting Redberry Farm just outside of George. The Redberry Farm is in a beautiful spot with the Outeniqua Mountains around it.

Outeniqua mountains

Redberry Farm is a commercial strawberry farm, but also offers a variety of activities for families. We arrived early and immediately went into the shop to purchase our tickets for the day. We knew what the Redberry Farm offered and wanted to try doing the outdoor activities before it became too hot outside.

Arriving at the Redberry Farm-2

Feeding the rabbits

Redberry Farm provides a variety of activities. We fed the rabbits, did the Maze and picked strawberries. There are other activities on offer such as riding a mini train, pony rides, bubble ball (rolling around in an inflated ball), but the kids decided they were far too grown-up for such “childish” activities.

We first made our way to the rabbit enclosure. We were disappointed though as they built the enclosure in such a way that we could not directly feed the rabbits; we had to throw the food to them.

The Redberry Farm Maze is amazing!

From there we tried the Redberry Farm Maze. The maze was impressive. It is apparently the largest permanent maze in the southern hemisphere! The purpose of this maze was not to find the exit, which was different to other mazes I had done in the past. They gave each one of us a card and had to find seven stations in the maze. Each maze has a different stamp you have to use on the allocated spot on the card.


We loved the maze. Initially, my daughter and her friends enjoyed it, but once they realized that we would not find all seven stations in 10 minutes, they became impatient and wanted to give up. There was no way I would allow that. This was the ideal opportunity to teach them about perseverance, patience and completing what you start.

We found most of the stations and had to ask other families and couples if they knew where we could find the other stations. We eventually found all the stations. Getting all the stamps were so satisfying! Doing the maze took us just over an hour, but we were getting tired by then as it was getting hot and the amount of walking we did in the maze was unbelievable! But it was a good way to get some exercise, have fun and learn at the same time. By this time the maze was getting busy, and we were glad that we had done this activity first.

Taking a break

From here we went to the shop, and they awarded each one of us a prize for completing the maze! This made the girls smile and then they were glad we pushed them to finish it!

We had some strawberry juice from the little shop on the Redberry Farm just to get some energy for our next activity.

It was around 11:00 by this time and Redberry Farm was getting busy.

Picking strawberries at the Redberry Farm

We picked strawberries. It is something I had never done before and had always wanted to do! Each one of us chose a basket for our strawberries. The Redberry Farm Staff showed us where we could pick and also what a ripe strawberry looked like. And then the fun started!


Finding strawberries that were perfectly ripe and beautiful was easy, but no one wanted to pick the tiny ones. It didn’t take too long to fill our baskets, and before we knew it we were done!

We washed the strawberries, and that was the end of our visit to the Redberry Farm near George in the Garden Route. The strawberries were the perfect snack to eat in the car!


The Redberry Farm: a MUST-visit for families

Overall, it was a fun place to spend a morning, even when you have moody teenagers with you! Redberry Farm is a lovely place to spend time as a family. There are enough activities to satisfy everyone, and there is a beautiful tea garden. Worth taking the time for a visit!

Have you ever picked strawberries or other fruit? Do you and your family enjoy doing mazes?

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day out with lots of activities to try. I love picking and eating fresh berries – they are my favourite fruits.

  2. This outing sounds like a lot of fun for all ages. I’ve never been to stawberry patch, but used to go to pumpkin patches with similar activities. Just one question though, where is George?

  3. Great fun. Important for kids to learn perseverance and patience. Our own trip to a berry farm in the UK was much colder, but we still ate all the berries we could!

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