Tips you need for traveling to Luxembourg

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Once while on a work trip, I had a weekend between meetings in different cities. I travelled to Luxembourg City on my way to my next work destination. It was a quick trip, but Luxembourg travel, both the country and Luxembourg City, left an impression on me. It is definitely worth travelling to Luxembourg, even if you only have a day in Luxembourg City. I would love to return and see some attractions in Luxembourg City in more detail and then visit rural Luxembourg which I only saw from the train as I moved between cities.

Here are some tips and facts I learned about Luxembourg and Luxembourg City while planning my quick visit to this beautiful city. If you are planning to travel to Luxembourg, these tips will help you!

Luxembourg is small and central!

Luxembourg is a small country between France, Germany and Belgium. It is so small that you can drive from the one side to the other (North to South, vice versa) within 2 hours. The size of the entire country is 998 square miles, making it one of the smallest countries globally.

Travel to Luxembourg

Traveling to Luxembourg is easy from any of the surrounding countries (France, Germany, Belgium). Luxembourg City has an airport and a main train station in Luxembourg City. Buses, trains and taxis are popular for getting to Luxembourg because of its central location.

Luxembourg’s language

Because of Luxembourg’s location, there is a range of languages spoke. If you can speak English, French or German, you will be able to communicate with the locals. Locals also speak their own language, called Luxembourgish, which is one of the three official languages. German and French are the other official languages of Luxembourg.


Luxembourg was one of the founding members of the European Union and uses the Euro. This. is convenient when you are also visiting other nearby Euro-countries, such as Belgium, France or Germany.

The country has a rich history

The city centre in Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The country offers much for history boffins. If you can, stay in the city centre to soak all the history in. Luxembourg was established more than 1000 years ago. The city is built on a rock above the Uelzecht river. Throughout its history the city was invaded several times by the Burgundians, the Spanish, the French, the Austrians, and the Prussians.

Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg City
Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg City

Don’t forget to travel to Luxembourg’s countryside

My one regret is not making the time to see the countryside in Luxembourg – what little I saw of the countryside from the train and bus windows was beautiful with castles and other spectacular natural scenery along the way. I would love to return to Luxembourg to see more the countryside.

Luxembourg is ruled by a Grand Duchy

Luxembourg has the last Grand Duchy on earth. This means that a Grand Duke or Duchess rule the country. The Grand Duke or Duchesses is at the same level as that of a monarch. This system originated from the country’s history as a part of the Kingdom of Germany and later the Roman Empire.

The country played an important role in World War II

In World War II, the country played a role when it was the location for parts of the Battle of the Bulge, which was the final German offensive on the allies. In the northern parts of Luxembourg there is even a museum and monument to celebrate the United States’ General George S. Patton.


Schengen is a town in Luxembourg

Schengen is a town in Luxembourg, which is also the name for the free movement agreement allowing citizens of European Union countries to move between the member countries of the European Union without the use of a passport. The town of Schengen is located at the tripoint where France, Germany and Luxembourg meet.

Remember to tip for service!

In Luxembourg you need to leave a tip of 10% of the value of your total bill. Always round up to the higher number. Tips should be given to taxi drivers, waiters and bar staff.


The voltage in Luxembourg is 220 V.

Gëlle Fra - Monument of Rememberance Luxembourg City
Gëlle Fra – Monument of Rememberance Luxembourg City

Eating out and shopping are expensive!

Luxembourg is expensive. To get the best prices, shop around before making a purchase.

The locals are friendly

Locals may appear slightly shy, but they are usually willing to help tourists as long as you remain friendly and polite.

No vaccinations required

You don’t need any vaccinations to visit Luxembourg unless you are arriving from an infected area.


Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. Petty crimes such as pick-pocketing do still occur once in a while.


Luxembourg has a well-developed public transport system. You can travel anywhere in Luxembourg with either a taxi, bus or train. Tickets for buses and trains are reasonably priced.


Luxembourg has a moderate continental climate. The winters are cold and the summers are mild. The warmest months are May to August. It is always good to have a raincoat, warm jacket and umbrella with you – even in summer.

Luxembourg Travel
Luxembourg Travel

Travel to Luxembourg City: sights you cannot miss

When you travel to Luxembourg City, there are many sights to see. Luxembourg City has its own balcony, called the Corniche. From the Corniche you can see the old city, definitely something not to miss. Don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Casemates, Grund Valley and the Mudam Museum. Other places worth visiting include the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint Michael Church, the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Monument of Remembrance, and the Sacred Heart Parish.

Tips for travel to Luxembourg City

The whole of Luxembourg City has free WiFi everywhere. Luxembourg City is filled with old fortresses, ancient churches and small streets in the old town. The city also has a beautiful old park in the middle of the city and several castles are dotted around the city and country.

Luxembourg is a wealthy country. Most buildings and infrastructure are in an excellent condition. Luxembourg City is clean, and the roads are well-maintained.

The best way to explore Luxembourg City is to walk, so bring comfortable walking shoes with you.

Many of the parks in the city are privately owned and you need the permission of the owner to enter these parks – make sure which parks are private before you start exploring. Your hotel should be able to provide guidance on this topic.

The hop-on-hop-off bus offers a good introduction to Luxembourg City. I loved the scenes from the Luxembourg Sightseeing Bus. The route takes you all over the city and helps you decide which sites you would like to return to. You can buy tickets from the bus at any of the stops, but the main point of departure is at the Place de la Constitution.

For more information on Luxembourg travel, visit the Luxembourg Tourism site!

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