Luxembourg City hotel: Review of the Hotel Grey

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After spending a few days in Basel, Switzerland, I visited Luxembourg City. My first challenge was choosing one of the may Luxembourg City hotels to stay at, but I think I found one of the best!

This post may contain affiliate links. Should you click on these links and make a purchase, I may earn a small income at no additional cost to you!

Getting to Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City has an airport for those who prefer air travel. Many European airports offer flights to Luxembourg City’s airport.

Luxembourg’s location between France, Germany and Belgium makes it easy to travel there with the extensive European rail network. I found that the trains to Luxembourg City were not as frequent as for to some other European destinations, but with careful planning train travel was the easier option for me to reach Luxembourg City.

I left Strasbourg late-morning and arrived in Luxembourg City just after lunch. The entire trip took just under 2,5 hours leaving me with a few hours in Luxembourg City as I would travel to Amsterdam the next morning.

Luxembourg City hotels

Before booking my hotel, I had scoured the internet for blogger reviews of Luxembourg City Hotels. Unfortunately, I struggled to find any blog post with detailed reviews of Luxembourg City hotels!

There are many Luxembourg City Hotels to choose from. I considered several Luxembourg City hotels I found on one of my favourite booking site, Agoda, and eventually settled on the Hotel Grey.

Location of the Hotel Grey in Luxembourg City

As I was leaving for Amsterdam early the next morning, I needed to choose one of the Luxembourg city hotels with easy access to the train station. I loved the location of the Hotel Grey – it is in a small street opposite the main train station in Luxembourg City. I easily walked the short distance to the hotel.

Luxembourg City Main Station

This was convenient when I had to leave early the next morning for my train to Amsterdam. It was also convenient for when I wanted to go sightseeing after checking in to the hotel. The public transport in Luxembourg City comprises buses which I found in a designated parking lot right next to the main train station.

I saw several other Luxembourg City hotels in the area, but they were in the noisier areas compared to Hotel Grey.

Checking in at the Hotel Grey

I struggled a little to find the Hotel Grey – it blends in with the building next to it.

Checking in was quick and easy. The receptionist was friendly and had perfect English. I did not have a printout of the booking confirmation, but the receptionist did not require this. I was too early to check in, but since the Hotel Grey has luggage storage, I left my luggage there before leaving to explore Luxembourg City. The receptionist offered help with attractions and tours.

I returned several hours later. A different receptionist had taken over, but she was as friendly and proficient in English as the first one was. She immediately provided my room keys.

My room at the Hotel Grey

The rooms at Hotel Grey is modern. I loved the black, white and red decor.

Hotel room at the Hotel Grey Luxembourg City

Although the room felt minimalistic, it featured everything I needed, such as a desk to work at.

Hotel Grey Luxembourg City Desk Area

The shower and basin were in the room. This may not be ideal for people who are not comfortable showering in front of others, but since I was alone, it was perfectly fine.

The toilet was separate from the bedroom and was behind a door that could close. This would be convenient if you had to share the room with a friend or loved one.

Hotel Grey Luxembourg City Basin in the room

The air conditioning worked well, and the wifi was fast. The room also had a television, built-in iPhone dock, mini-bar and laptop size safe. I missed having a kettle in the room to make coffee or tea.

Breakfast at the Hotel Grey

When researching Luxembourg City hotels, I realised that I could not have breakfast in Luxembourg. My train to Amsterdam left just after 6:00 the next morning.

I did not have breakfast at Hotel Grey, but the Hotel offers breakfast.

My verdict

I loved staying at the Hotel Grey. The location was superb – besides the proximity to transport; the hotel was close to many restaurants. The price for the night was reasonable if I consider the facilities provided.


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