How to keep things clean while traveling

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Today we have a guest post by Zowie Ashton on how to keep things clean while traveling. Zowie is a freelance writer who is passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning, and organizing. She also owns a small business in London.
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How to keep clean while traveling
Traveling is linked with pleasant emotions, learning new things and creating unforgeable memories. Yet, every journey requires good preparation. Whether you travel by bus, train or plane, transport providers are constantly used by thousands of people, which means bacteria is always on the watch for you. For this reason, keeping a high level of hygiene while traveling should be your priority. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to make a place in your suitcase also for a big cleaning caddy. It will be necessary to take some cleaning products with you but how you store your clothes and accessories is also important.

Tips for how to keep things clean while traveling

The following tips on how to keep things clean while traveling will help you maintain a good level of hygiene and keep your belongings clean while you are on the road, without too much hassle. After all, traveling is supposed to be fun in the first place.

How should you arrange your luggage?

As the air in the passenger compartments is often heavy and stuffy, you better supply yourself with light clothes. This will help you avoid excessive sweating. Make sure that you take at least two t-shirts, so you can change them if it gets too warm. Clean the soles of all shoes and pack each pair separately. You want to preserve your clothes clean during the journey. Don’t miss taking several empty bags. In them, you can store the worn clothes and shoes. Cosmetic products also require special attention, you don’t want any spilt bottles of perfumes. Polypropylene bags with grip seals are a reliable solution. You can store there all cosmetic gadgets as well as other small items.

How to keep things clean while traveling - organized suitcase

What kind of cleaning materials should you take?

Nothing so special. Several clean small towels, the usual toothbrush, paste as well as an antibacterial hand gel. The small towels are really convenient when you want to refresh yourself. Even if you can’t use the restroom for one reason or another, you can still wet the towel with your own bottle of water and clean your face, neck, and underarms. Everyone, who travels often knows how refreshing this simple action is. Keep the toothbrush near at hand. If you want to make a good seatmate, you will need to use it more often. Hand hygiene is crucial when it comes to travelling. Transport vehicles are really dirty and everything around you has been used already of a countless number of people. For this reason, where possible wash your hands and use the antibacterial gel regularly, especially before eating.

What other solutions you can consider to keep things clean while traveling?

You can take with you mini laundry detergent packets. There is always a reason to wash something while you are traveling. As you don’t want your clean clothes to get stinky, store the dirty ones separately. You can even go beyond the use of ordinary bags and purchase a special travel laundry bag. The same holds true to the shoes. Before you put on another pair of shoes, clean the soles of the ones that you were wearing and put them in a plastic bag. If you want your clothes to smell nice all the time, place several dryer sheets in your suitcase as well. Another idea is to supply yourself with a stain remover pan. It may seem like an unnecessary gadget but if you travel with kids, you will certainly appreciate it.

Cleanliness contributes to a safe and pleasant journey

Keeping yourself and your belongings clean while travelling contributes to a safe and pleasant journey. You only need to add several cleaning products when you pack your things. It gives a good feeling to know that you are prepared for every situation.

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  1. This is what my mother always tells me. I have to arrange my things to keep them clean! Which I find so true! Anyways, these tips are on point, must keep them all in mind. Plus, thank you for the printables 🙂

  2. These are great tips for spring cleaning! These are things that don’t get cleaned often and if I don’t know how to clean something I usually just don’t clean it! Great step by step directions that look super easy to do!

  3. I think Zowie gave some good tips. I must admit I never really thought of the cleaning side of travelling!

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