15 Best Travel Podcasts To Inspire Your Travel Dreams

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There are many travel podcasts, ranging from how to become a digital nomad to making money while traveling. Here are the 15 best travel podcast, based on my favourites!

This post may contain affiliate links and should you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost for you.

1. Amateur Travel Podcast

I consider the Amateur Travel Podcast as one of the best travel podcasts. Not only do I love listening to Chris Christensen’s voice, but the podcast provides information on different travel destinations and covers many travel items, such as things to do in various destinations and what the best way to visit a destination is. Each episode focuses on spending a week at a specific destination and Chris has an excellent interview style. Very informative!

2. El Camino de Santiago Pilgrim’s Podcast

Doing the Camino de Santiago is one item on my bucket list. I love listening to this podcast since each episode involves some aspects of the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage. Most episodes are interviews with recent pilgrims who have completed their Camino and include packing tips, training tips, choice of footwear, and other useful information. Each time I finish an episode, I am filled with a desire to walk the Camino – I hope I will get to do it in the next year or two.

3. Everything Everywhere Daily History Podcast

This is a unique podcast hosted by travel blogger and photographer Gary Arndt. The podcast focuses on history and not travel-related topics specifically. Some episodes touch on travel-related items, but I find the short, focused episodes on items such as why the year starts on 1 January and the 12 days of Christmas fascinating. many of the episodes focus on items I always wondered about but never knew the answer too. It is enjoyable and educational to listen to.

4. Fly with Christ and Di

I recently discovered this podcast, and I enjoy the banter between this husband and wife duo as they cover destinations they have visited, interview guests, such as an airline pilot or an estate agent giving tips on keeping your home safe while you are away.

5. The Radio Vagabond podcast

Another recent discovery and one I love – it is easily my favourite travel podcast currently. I love listening to Palle Bo’s podcast as it feels like you are walking around with him and listening in on his conversations with locals. He shares a lot, including recent health scares and challenging situations he found himself in. Sometimes he interviews other travellers and podcast hosts – I highly recommend this podcast!

6. The School of Travels podcast

I discovered this podcast through the Radio Vagabond podcast where the host, Becky Gillespie, was a guest. This podcast offers a range of interviews with people travelling overseas for the first time to digital nomads, as well as inspiration to travel, lessons learned, and the impact of travel on the traveller.

7. The Art of Travel

The host of this podcast, Olivia Lopez, interviews guests to discuss the “transformative impact of travel and how a world-view builds creative-development, entrepreneurship, and community”.

Best travel podcasts | Focused Travels
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8. Become Nomad – Digital Nomad

The host, Eli David, has been a digital nomad for many years and his Become Nomad podcast focuses on the nomadic lifestyle where he interviews fellow digital nomads for insights and resources for digital nomads to have a balanced life.

9. Babcia and Yia Yia Travel the World

Initially, I was not sure I liked this podcast, but I listened to a couple of episodes and now it has become one of my favourites. The two friends discuss many travel-related topics. A recent favourite episode was the focus on plus-size travel. They discuss topics that other people may avoid, but also provide interesting travel tips and stories from their travels.

10. The best travel podcast: The Journey by KPM Royal Dutch Airlines

The Journey is the best travel podcast, but there has not been new episodes in a really long time. It features the most interesting and true life-changing journeys people have experienced with sound effects, such as a howling wind or crashing waves. I loved it and wish they would record more episodes.

11. No Sh*tting in the toilet

I discovered Peter Moore’s books and somehow ended up on this humourous podcast where each episode has a theme and travellers share their experiences relating to the theme. The first episode focused on the host and guests’ toilet experiences – it made me chuckle a few times.

12. Nomadtopia Radio

This is another podcast focusing on people who have created their ideal lifestyle where they live abroad, have location independence, and travel long-term. I found the variety of guests and their experiences fascinating.

13. Practical wanderlust

Lia and Jeremy went on a one-year travel honeymoon and never stopped travelling. I love their storytelling and honesty about their experiences, which are sometimes embarrassing and always funny.

14. The World Nomads Travel podcast

This is the podcast of World Nomads, a travel insurer, and the episodes cover a range of destinations and travelers. They also share travel news and have regular competitions.

15. Zero to travel podcast

Jason is lives in Norway with his wife and child but used to be a full-time traveller. He interviews guests on their travel experiences and situations.

What is your best travel podcasts?

These are the best travel podcasts based on my opinion. Do you have a favorite travel podcast?

Best Travel Podcasts | Focused Travels
Best travel podcasts | Focused Travels


  1. Alex from Babcia and Yia Yia here! Thank you so very much for taking time to listen to us! We both loved your recommendations and we look forward to enjoying them. We will continue to work hard so you can continue to enjoy! Happiest of travels to you!

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