10 best places in Singapore for a fun time

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My very first overseas trip was to Singapore. It was a magical experience for a new traveler, and I enjoyed exploring the island with my parents and brother. I was fortunate enough to visit Singapore again a few years ago and still found it magical and entertaining. I think these are the ten best places in Singapore to visit:

1. Having a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel in Singapore is a beautiful and old colonial building. It is a national monument as it is more than a century old (built in 1887). The hotel has a lovely ambiance but is only affordable to the rich and famous. We walked through the hotel and its large corridors to get to the Long Bar on the second floor.

Singapore-Sling at the Raffles Bar

The Long Bar serves a Singapore must-do – the Singapore Sling. It is probably the most expensive drink I have ever had, but it was sweet and tasty. While having the Singapore Sling you are given peanuts and, unlike anywhere else in Singapore, you can drop all your peanut shells right where you are sitting. It makes you feel slightly naughty in a city where littering is almost a crime. Something to experience once in your life!

2. Trying different craft beers at Clarke Quay

We spent one evening at the Clarke Quay, where there is a large variety of restaurants. My partner and I like craft beers and found a few places selling a good selection of craft beers. The atmosphere at Clarke Quay is magical at night, and it was an enjoyable evening with good company, good beer, and tasty fries.

3. Visiting Merlion Park

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Merlion

The Merlion is a Singaporean mascot. It is the body of a fish with the head of a lion. The Merlion stands at Merlion Park. There is another, larger Merlion on Sentosa Island, but I like the smaller version more.

4. Night Tour of Singapore (Moonlight Adventure)

As always we chose to do the hop-on-hop-off bus in Singapore, and we bought the night tour at a discounted rate. It was worth it! We had such an excellent guide. He was knowledgeable and passionate about life in Singapore. He could tell us all kinds of stories about life in Singapore and the future of Singapore. Just meeting him was an experience in itself.

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Singapore at night

Seeing Singapore at night was also an experience I can highly recommend. Singapore is a beautiful city during the day, but it sparkles at night. Singapore can be hot and humid during the day, so going out at night is refreshing.

5. Gardens at Marine Bay

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Supertree Grove

We visited the supertree grove for a musical experience that was incredible! Not only did the show impress me but what I found fascinating was that it was a recycling facility! Singapore is a very innovative city!

6. Trying exotic fruits in China Town

10 Best places in Singapore to visit: Exotic fruits at China Town

As part of the night tour, we were taken to China Town and given different types of exotic fruit to try. We tried the Singapore Durian, which tastes better than it smells. We also tried dragon fruit, which was pleasant. Not paying for the fruit was a bonus!

7. Trying different dishes from the Singapore Food Trail

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Singapore food trail

There is a large selection of foods to try at the Singapore Food Trail, located next to the Singapore Flyer. We bought some Malay satay (meat on sticks) there and found it delicious. I loved the peanut sauce! We also bought noodles but was charged for a takeaway container when we couldn’t finish it. The noodles’ portions were large, and they were tasty. We found the food a tad expensive for what is essentially street food.

8. Fort Siloso (Sentosa Island)

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Fort Siloso for the history of Singapore in World War II

My partner is a history buff, so visiting Fort Siloso was not optional. I didn’t mind. Fort Siloso is a restored coastal gun battery from World War II. The restoration and displays were done well with a lot of detail. It tells the story of how the war affected Singapore.

9. Images of Singapore (Sentosa Island)

10 Best places in Singapore to visit: Images of Singapore on Sentosa Island

Images of Singapore is also a museum, but it offers a lovely experience. It speaks to the history of Singapore, its diverse people and their cultures. The displays are detailed and almost appear real. At specific points, there are interactive exhibits. The museum takes a while to walk through, but we did not get bored. Visiting the Images of Singapore was an educational, but fun experience.

10. SEA Aquarium (Sentosa Island)

10 best places in Singapore to visit: Visit the SEA aquarium and see pink dolphins

We loved the SEA Aquarium. Not only did we get to feed and touch stingrays, but I also saw pink dolphins for the first time in my life. And I learned that dolphins don’t always have a normal dolphin shape. It was not the best aquarium I have ever been to, but still worth a visit.

10 best places in Singapore to visit

I cannot wait to go back a third time. We have seen and done so much, and yet there are still so many things we have not seen or done!

Singapore is a small country, but its offerings pack a punch! These were our ten best places to visit in Singapore – do you have any attractions or experiences you think we should try the next time we visit Singapore?

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  1. Oh, I can only imagine how it changed in these few years! Been there in 2008 and of course remember the Raffles Hotel Bar, stepping on all those peanuts shells. 😀 Thanks for reminding me!

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