Delirium: best for beer tasting in Brussels

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During our most recent trip to Europe, we had a beer tasting in Brussels, Belgium! My partner is a beer fanatic and also makes craft beer himself. His love for beer means we often visit all kinds of places just to taste their beer, such as the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, where we had lots of Heineken Beer (still my favorite beer)!

Beer tasting Brussels

Delirium for a beer tasting in Brussels

We had done our research, and the Delirium bar sold more than 2500 different types of beer! Our hotel was perfect as it was located close to the Delirium bar in Brussels. This was perfect as we wanted to be able to walk to the bar within a few minutes.  The receptionist told us that Delirium was around the corner and sold cheese snacks with their beer. After freshening up in our hotel room, off, we went in search of the best place for a beer tasting in Brussels.

Inside Delirium

We walked to Delirium in less than 10 minutes. My first impression of the place was one of overwhelm! It was only about 18:00 and all levels of Delirium were packed!


Delirium has more than one floor. We first went to the main bar and looked at the menu of beers available. It was difficult to choose and we decided that the bartender should give us some guidance. She made some recommendations and we ordered our beers. After getting our beers, we were lucky enough to find two seats as well!

The beer was cold and tasty. I am not fond of the darker and heavier beers and settled down with one of the lighter beers. Delicious! My partner enjoyed his beer as well.


We were feeling a bit peckish after traveling from Paris, but Delirium did not have any food on the menu! This was a bit disappointing since we always like snacking while tasting beer. We each had two beers and then decided to grab supper in one of the many restaurants in the area.

Our final beer tasting in Brussels

The next day we finished the morning sightseeing and decided to go to Delirium for the last beer tasting in Brussels. It was lunchtime, but it was quiet inside Delirium. The central area was empty, so we decided to go to the cellar area. Five other people sat there enjoying their beer.


It was not as noisy as the night before, and my partner could have a decent conversation with the bartender about the different types of beers sold at Delirium. We each tasted a few different beers before deciding on our favorite and getting a full glass of each.


Delirium is a must-visit if you are a beer lover. Its selection of beers (remember, more than 2500 different types of beer) makes it the ideal place to visit for a beer tasting in Brussels.

One thing is for sure, I know which place we will be headed first the next time we are in Brussels – there are still so many types of beer we haven’t tasted yet!

Are you a beer lover? Have you been to Delirium before? 

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