Museum of Medieval Stockholm: informative & free!

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On a recent work trip to Stockholm, a colleague and I had no sightseeing plans. We walked around the city. We discovered the Museum of Medieval Stockholm by chance. My colleague wanted a coffee at the little kiosk just below the bridge near the Parliament House. In fact, the Museum of Medieval Stockholm is located under the Norrbro bridge and is not visible from the top of the bridge.

Opening hours

We first arrived at 11:00 and found that the Museum of Medieval Stockholm only opens between 12:00 and closes again at 17:00. To pass the time we went souvenir shopping in Gamla Stan, which was only a few minutes walk from there.

Museum of Medieval Stockholm

We arrived at the Museum again just after 12:00. Then we discovered that entrance to the Museum of Medieval Stockholm is free! We were happy about this as Stockholm is an expensive city, especially if your currency is as weak as ours.

Inside the Museum of Medieval Stockholm

Once you enter the Museum, you are in the bookshop selling books on the history of Sweden. Just off to the one side is the bathrooms and also (paid) lockers to leave your backpack and other belongings if you do not want to carry it around while exploring the museum.

The Museum explores the architecture, old buildings, paintings and scenes from the history of Stockholm. Some buildings are life-size, and you can enter them. Imagine, you can sit in an old-fashioned tavern – this makes the museum more interactive. The displays were well-thought-out, and we found it informative.

Medieval Books - Museum of Medieval Stockhol

The Museum is not that big and takes less than an hour to explore fully.


For me, visiting this Museum was worth it. My colleague is a history buff and also found it fascinating!

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