Langkawi Bird Paradise: a fun place to visit

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We found the Langkawi Bird Paradise quite by chance. Our second day in Langkawi was a Friday. Since most of Malaysia’s population is Muslim and Fridays are their holy day; it meant that many of the attractions in Langkawi was closed or had reduced opening hours. Luckily, our hotel had brochures of the attractions in Langkawi, and we managed to find the Langkawi Wildlife Park or also known as the Langkawi Bird Paradise.

Langkawi Bird Paradise

Getting to the Langkawi Bird Paradise

We had to use a taxi to get to the Langkawi Bird Paradise as there was no public transport available from there.

Knowing this, we requested our taxi driver to wait for us. He had no problem with this as Fridays are not busy for taxi drivers in Langkawi.

Inside the foyer of the Langkawi Bird Paradise

Upon arrival, we immediately noticed the tables with the small hamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies. They were cute, and we could cuddle with them before we bought the tickets to enter the Langkawi Bird Paradise.

Hamsters outside the Langkawi Bird Paradise

Inside the Langkawi Bird Paradise

Once we entered, we were both given little bags of seeds and other foods for the animals on the side. Feeding the animals and birds are encouraged.

Animal food inside the Langkawi Bird Paradise

The first animals we encountered were some colourful parrots with “difficult” attitudes. They checked me out, but only eat from my partner’s hand! Discrimination!

From there we walked around, fed some monkeys and looked at the crocodiles – these you cannot feed! Eventually, we got to the aviary where there were so many budgies and other birds – all the colours! The staff showed us how to hold out our hands with some seeds to feed the budgies. Once again they preferred my partner’s hands to mine!

Birds eating from our hands at the Langkawi Bird Paradise

As we were walking through the park, the tame animals walked around as if the whole place belonged to them!

Bird walking around us at the Langkawi Bird Paradise

We eventually got to a building. Inside was some orchid displays, gemstones and snakes.

Snakes at the Langkawi Bird Paradise

There was a shop selling a few things, but we decided not to since we still had our whole holiday ahead and not a lot of spare space in our backpacks.

There were also beautiful gardens and waterfalls inside the park, which made everything seem peaceful and serene.

Waterfalls inside the Langkawi Bird Paradise

Farmyard animals

We eventually got to an area with ostriches and deer. They also had donkeys and bunnies – this appeared to be almost a farmyard. There was also a koi pond with probably the largest number of koi fish I have ever seen together.

Koi fish at the Langkawi Bird Paradise

After playing with the little bunnies for a while and feeding the stubborn donkeys some carrots, we walked through a long passage with eagles, falcons and other birds of prey. Before we knew it, we got to the end of the park! Here we were offered the chance to have our picture taken as a memento. Then you get to go into the duty-free souvenir shop before exiting this Langkawi attraction.

Our experience at the Langkawi Bird Paradise

All-in-all we enjoyed the outing. Although we had played with bunnies before in South Africa and fed birds, this was the first opportunity we had to feed monkeys. It was worth going there!

My daughter was not with us on this trip, but she would have loved seeing, touching and feeding the animals. Langkawi Bird Paradise is a perfect attraction for kids!

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