3 Careers you can travel the world with

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As the digital age adjusts to the newfound norm that is working from home, most traditional office roles could become travelling careers in the future.

But there are certainly some vocations which lend themselves to a nomadic lifestyle more than others, and if you’re looking for a way to travel the world without getting tied down, it might be time to reconsider your calling.

The right career will not only help you realise your true potential but could also be the key that opens doors across the world.

If you’re not sure which travelling vocation is right for you, take a look at these three inspirational ideas.

3 Careers you can travel the world with | FocusedTravels

1. Teaching

There’s always a demand for teachers across pretty much any subject, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to have a second language to teach abroad, as there are many teaching opportunities in English-speaking nations.

Alternatively, you might consider teaching English as a second language (TESOL). Although an additional language might be useful to you depending on where you’re looking to teach, it’s not necessary to secure a TESOL role, nevertheless, you might find that a qualification impresses employers.

ARU Distance Learning offers an Applied Linguistics with TESOL MA that can open doors to a nomadic career that will enable you to meet new people and enrich the lives of others along the way.

2. Consultant

Companies across a range of industries look to consultants to advise them on a range of topics.

And whilst this doesn’t have to be an international career, many businesses will actively seek consultants with expertise in overseas markets, so your experience could be invaluable across the globe. Some consultants work with agencies to source their clients, which can be more stable, whilst others choose to work freelance, an option which offers more flexibility but does rely on your own networking and self-promotion abilities.

Amongst the most common fields for consulting careers are management, strategy, finance, marketing, sales and human resources, but this list is by no means exhaustive. It’s also worth noting that many consulting positions can be carried out remote, meaning that theoretically, this career path could be the key to complete travel freedom!

3. Blogging

It’s true that most bloggers don’t rely on their digital activities as a single source of income, but many do manage to transform their hobby into a full-time career.

Those who do have the ultimate freedom to travel as they please, and some even make their global adventures the subject of their blogs.

Be aware that building your digital endeavour will take time and will require a large readership and good connections with brands and advertisers alike to make a sustainable income from it. But if you can manage this, you may well end up with a career that allows you to see the world and be your own boss.

Any of these three jobs could be the travelling career of your dreams – we hope this list has provided a little inspiration!

3 Careers you can travel the world with | FocusedTravels
3 Careers you can travel the world with | FocusedTravels

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