5 best travel podcasts to inspire your travel dreams

I started listing to podcasts a few months ago, and I must admit I am addicted. I just love getting on the train each morning on my way to work and listening to my favorite podcasts. There is something for everyone – ranging from travel to business to creativity. Here are the five best travel podcasts – based on my opinion.

The five best travel podcasts

There are many different travel podcasts, ranging from how to become a digital nomad to making money while traveling. My five best travel podcasts focus on helping people plan their trips, what to do and how to do it. You can either listen to these podcasts from the websites I linked to or you can listen on iTunes or Sticher.

Best travel podcasts

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves needs no introduction; he is probably one of the most well-known travel experts in the world. No wonder he has the number one spot on my list of the five best travel podcasts! This podcast consists of weekly interviews with guest experts and callers about culture, people and all things travel.

Amateur Travel Podcast

The Amateur Travel Podcast also features on my list of the five best travel podcasts. Not only do I love listening to Chris Christensen’s voice, but the podcast provides information on different travel destinations and covers many different travel items, such as things to do in various destinations and what the best way to visit a destination is. Chris has an excellent interview style and asks questions I want answering. Very informative!

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

According to the iTunes description for this podcast, this is the new generation’s, Rick Steves.The focus is definitely on the younger generation. The presenter Travis Sherry. He promises to teach you everything you need to know to travel more and spend less – quite a promise to make, but one he keeps. It includes interviews with famous travelers, budgeting tips, and other travel advice. What I like about this podcast is that he explains things well by getting down to basics. This podcast is on my list of the five best travel podcasts since it is quite entertaining at times.

The Budget-Minded Traveler

This podcast is on my list of the five best travel podcasts because it focuses on practical tips to make international travel accessible to everyone. The presenter is Jackie Nourse. Her podcast is inspiring and useful to listen to for advice on travel while on a budget. The variety of topics provides something for everyone’s taste. You can hear how passionate Jackie is about traveling.

The World Wanderers podcast

Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson host this podcast. They have traveled together for more than a year. The podcast provides tips and tricks for travel and also tells you how you can be happier because of traveling.

These are the five best travel podcasts according to me! Do you have a favorite travel podcast?

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16 thoughts on “5 best travel podcasts to inspire your travel dreams”

  1. I listen to podcasts only occasionally but this is a good collection to get me back into it. Always love hearing Rick Steeves’ take on travel. I’ve also listened to his TED talks. I think I’ll listen to the others you suggest. Like you said, they’re pretty addictive. Thanks for compiling the list.

    • I listen to them pretty much any time I get a chance – in the car, on my way to work, at home while cooking or cleaning.

  2. Great list – the only time I ever get to listen to podcasts is when I’m traveling (oh the irony!) so I will definitely be using your tips on my next trip. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m obsessed with podcasts recently but haven’t even though to start exploring the travel ones. YAY! Can’t wait to check out some new good ones!!


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